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Day ?

It's been forever since I've put what day we are on. I'll have to find out and start-up again.

I started our day with Bible. Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance. I really am not caring for our Bible time studies but I'm not sure where to go, so I will continue for now. I am thinking of reading through the Rod and Staff Readers with my two younger ones and have them narrate it back to me. If I do this it means separating them from Caleb and Brent. I guess I could have Brent and Caleb focus mainly on their AWANA verses this year. We can discuss them later in the day.

Latin was done with the four oldest children. We started finished Unit 6 today and will start 7 tomorrow.

Lance, actually got a Bible story during math time. In our math we read about Noah and the Ark. As I read we went counted by 10's using our unifix cubes. We counted 1-ten, 2-ten, 3-ten for the forty days and nights. We also counted tens for how long they stayed in the ark and counted by twos. Lance, wanted to get his Bible and look at the pictures as I read from his math book.
 Lance, asked if he could take a picture.
 Not school related but thought I'd add this memory in. Lance, has a problem with not picking up his shoes. Now whenever I find his shoes on the floor he has to wear them. Today he wore them until lunch (a few hours). All the other children quickly checked the house to make sure they had no shoes on the floor.
Right now as I'm typing I can hear Lance, in his bedroom sounding out words. Hopefully after Thanksgiving we can start using All About Reading (if it's here by then). He is so ready now!!!
Lance, waited patiently for a squirrel to emerge. He loves taking pictures. I need to get a camera for the children to use.
Ethan, doesn't like me taking pictures of him anymore. Weird, since he was the one asking, "Will you put this on your blog?" or requesting me to add something of his.

I don't have time to write the rest of our school day but here are some pictures that Annette took of Lance.

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