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No Pictures Today

Can't believe I didn't take one photo today!

We had a cold front today. Temperatures in the low 40's. Last night Lupe, picked up the heaters that were in storage.

Today we did school but I was tired and didn't want to teach, so we watched a good old western movie instead. Then we went back to school. I wanted to at least get another All About Spelling lesson in with Caleb and Brent and for them to do their Shuley English test.

Ethan, took his chapter two MCP Math test today. I did find out that he needs more place value teaching. I'll work with him on that.

Brent, is so funny. He opened up his candy vending machine business today. I was surprised when he sold out considering there is tons of candy here.

I'm happy to write that we did another Hideaway in History lesson. We completed (or almost) completed week four. The only thing we have left is the notebooking pages.

We are enjoying WinterPromise. I have liked all the programs we've used in the past Animal's in Their World, American Story 1 and Children Around the World. I just wish their shipping was just as good as their program. I have a hard time recommending WP because of it. I was talking to my hubby and he mentioned that the company needs to hire someone who can manage the business. I agree. I love their programs but am wondering how long can they last with so many negative reviews.

Besides their shipping another complaint, some say their programs is disjointed. One thing I have noticed is people say that about many programs that have the schedule premade like SL and MFW (two other programs that I like too). Part of this is and this is just my opinion is many of us are tweakers. There is no perfect curriculum. I hear how some are rearranging the whole schedule to make it fit their learning style.

I'm just happy that someone else picked and scheduled the books. Even if I rearrange a few (which I haven't).

All that to say I am pleased with my WinterPromise purchase (other than the shipping) for the most part.

I almost forgot. I would like more maps in their Hideaway in History program.

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