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Still Learning

I'm still learning. The past couple of months I have been asking God to help me. My two little ones are driving me crazy! I have actually been quite lazy with them to be honest. In fact I was telling my oldest son Josh that I have become a push-over. Some of the things my two little ones are getting away with are things that Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent never (or almost) never did. And it's showing. My two little ones are not always a joy to be around. Yes, they have good, helpful hearts but they are not always obedient the first time and right away.

Well, today, I read A Day in the life of Samuel. A book about the pilgrims. It's seven years after the Mayflower arrived. The little boy Samuel, now a big 7yr. old little man. No longer wearing a dress but now breeches. He had a big boys job now. Although it was hard and tiring he didn't complain, whine or slack off. He wanted to make him parents proud.

As I read the books to the children I realized character traits that I have been to lazy to cultivate with my own dear children. I realized that I need to get back to work and take the time to discipline them. I was very disappointed in myself because although I noticed that I have been slacking it wasn't until I read this book that I REALLY realized the damage I am doing to my two little boys.

This is why I believe read aloud time is so important. In the past it was not only the Bible but many great books that helped me to see and recognise things. For instance the way a mother was mothering her child. I learned from that. The way the child was acting. The children would learn from that. Whether it was a negative or positive attitude. We would discuss the character traits of the characters in the books. Is this a pleasing or not pleasing attitude to our Lord Jesus? Is this child a joy to be around? Etc.

Here is an example, today, I went over math with Ethan. I then assigned him one row of math problems to complete. When I went to check on his math, he finished a row but it was not the one I told him to do. I praised him on his work but told him that was not the row I had originally said. I then told him to sit back down and complete the row. He immediately said, "I'll finish it during nap time" normally I would have said okay or I would have been fine with the row HE chose to do but instead I took the time to NOT let him get away with NOT doing what I told him to do.

He didn't like having to sit back down. He didn't like that he couldn't go outside to play and finish the row of problems later but that's okay. I am not here to make Ethan, happy. I told him that too. I let him know that by not doing the row I assigned him, he was sinning by not being obedient. As his mother I am the one who will have to answer to God.

Now this may sound heavy for me to be telling my 8yr. old son. I am not yelling or raising my voice. I am talking in a calm and loving manner. I want my son to know that I love him enough to correct him. Even if it means he has to do another row of math problems and not play outside when the weather is so nice.

Another example. Today, I gave Lance the job of folding our cloth napkins and placemats. I took the time to show him how I wanted the job done. Some of our napkins are almost as big as the placemats because of this I had him touch a napkin and a then a placemat. I told him the napkins are thinner than the placemats.

His attitude about the chore was not very pleasing. He tried to rush through the job. I sat him back down with the napkins (that were done sloppy) and again showed him the difference. I pointed out about the folding. I had him redo the napkins. If this was yesterday, I would have been too busy and would have said, that's fine. Thanks. But today I slowed down, took the time to show him what I expected, correct his attitude and had him do the sloppy job again.

Like Ethan, he wasn't happy. It took him an hour to fold those napkins. Normally it should have taken him 15 minutes. I want to teach him to do things with a joyful heart and the right way the first time.

Tomorrow I'll read A Day in the Life of Sarah Morton. Hmmm......what new things will we all learn tomorrow...........

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  1. Wonderful post Linda! So many things sound so similar. It is hard to be a mother and daily prayer for patience and grace is essential for me. I want my children to know I love them, but it is also our job to discipline. I'm taking notes and right there with you : D


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