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Week 10

Week 10. Nov. 7th-11th 2011.

We completed week 10 and I'm still getting organized. As I go along I make a note 'need binder for Lance's history' or 'need three binders for our state studies' etc. Then on our weekly date Lupe and I will stop at Staples or Target to get those items. Other times it's a trip to the storage place. I get sad when we go there because so many books are boxed up. Today for instance we were coloring a page about the Trojan Horse. I have a book about it but where it is, I don't know. It would have been a nice supplement to add while they colored the page.

Annette, making a cocoon. She is enjoying "A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie" from Queen Homeschool.
 I didn't have white yarn.
She is doing great in her studies:
America the Beautiful, Soaring with Spelling, Copywork for Girls, Math-U-See Epsilon, Analytical Grammar and WP LA's, Writing with Ease.
With Writing with Ease, she completed week 18. I had hoped to be further along but some weeks we don't get to it.
With Analytical Grammar she has two more units to go. Hopefully by December she will be done with the first unit. I'll have her take a few months off then she will start Unit 2. WinterPromise Language Arts is going well. She does some creative writing assignments that she enjoys. It has her editing paragraphs (like Editor in Chief), and at times she is suppose to make a boring paragraph more interesting. I really need to blog about WP LA sometime.

 Josh, continues to enjoy Bob Jones for history, science, and Bible.
 Although he does need to take a laundry lesson. This is not how you transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer.
Josh also completed Sequential Spelling daily. He didn't do writing this week but will start next week again. Latin this week he practiced writing the words (sort of like spelling). I want to make sure that he can read and write Latin.

Lance is thinking. Yesterday, he had to write in his math book addition facts that he knows.

Today (yes, he is wearing the same shirt), he practiced counting by tens.
 Then he would put a 'gem' on a number and I'd has what number comes before and after or two spaces after the number.
 He noticed that the number looked larger when the 'gem' was on it.
Lance, is sounding out cvc (mat) words still. Today, he sounded out 'mad' from Ethan's Explode the Code cover. I'm patiently waiting for All About Reading. My only concern with using All About Reading, are the levels. Because Lance is older than the average bear using this, he may catch on and go through the program quicker. Level two won't be out until 2012, which is around the corner but it may be toward the end of 2012. Level 1 was suppose to be out back in June/July. All I can do is pray that it will be ready in time for Lance.

Ethan, is doing well in school. He completed week 3 of Fast Track Phonics. Next week I might have him review what he has learned so far. I can have him read all the words he has been learning. I haven't spent as much time with him as I would like too.
I still haven't found the Teaching Textbook dvds. He continues to use MCP Math. Today I pulled out the rods and place value mats from Bob Jones manipulatives and went over double digit addition. 77+63. He does very well. He makes the 7 in the ones place a ten, then adds from there. With the rods and place value mat, I showed him how to put the ten in the tens place.
We only did one lesson from Writing with Ease. Didn't even finish the week.
Caleb and Brent are chugging along with their studies. They both were stumped in math this week. Caleb with fractions and Brent with multiplications. I took the time to watch the dvd lesson with each of them and then went over some of the problems before letting them loose.
They are really catching on with Shurley Grammar. Sometimes I think the Question and Answer Flow will be confusing for them, but no, they get it.
The question and answer flow is asking questions to find out what word is,  subject, verb, etc. For instance "Who moved into her new home?" the answer is 'sister' and they would mark that as the Subject Noun. Then they ask the next question, "What is being said about sister?" they would answer 'sister moved' so moved is the verb and so forth.
Today for practice time they had to answer questions like "Name seven object pronouns" they had a hard time with half of the questions so I made flash cards. I thought I could use them for review. Kind of like All About Spelling does with the spelling rules but of course ours will be with the grammar information.

This week for history we completed week 5.
The children completed their notebook pages.
They had to draw a picture of Alexander the Great's horse and draw their own shield. Since we are not making the hideaways and thus do not have a picture to put in our notebook, I am having them draw or paste a picture of what they remember that week. Today,  I searched the internet for a coloring page of the Trojan Horse and that is what we put on the Hideaway notebook page. I should have taken a picture of it.

The children had no Latin this week. I did have the children study the words on their own.

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  1. Linda, you are doing so well with the kids! I love reading about your week. You are making me want to do latin, eventually. ;) Lance's pics of him thinking...they are so cute...they make me laugh so much!

    Have a blessed and restful weekend!

    Dee :)


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