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Week 11/Day 54

Week 11. November 14-18, 2011.

"Luck befalls me today, mama. I don't have that many history pages to read." This is what Annette, said to me this morning. She so precious.

Joshua, is doing well with Sequential Spelling. He is noticing the patterns in the words, he said. With Joshua using dvds this year, I don't feel left out of his schooling. I ask questions, we talk about what he is learning in science and history. I watch his math dvds to help him in that area and I sit with him via Analytical Grammar. I correct his work and help him make his schedule out for the next week. Although he is using dvds for every subject I'm still apart of his education.

Josh also cleared and cleaned his desk. He put all his books in alphabetical order too!

I have to cut this week in review short. I probably won't be blogging next week either.

You all have a good Thanksgiving,


  1. I love Annette's quote - "Luck befalls me today", you don't hear that from kids very often :)

    I'm going to miss your blog posts...although I don't comment often, I do read/check your blog every day. But I understand...gotta prepare that big Thanksgiving feast! May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi :) Annette's statement is so cute!

    Please don't feel bad about not visiting or leaving comments. I am the same way. I just do not have the time on the computer as I used to. I do think of you often and read all of your posts.

    Enjoy your blogging break and have a lovely Thanksgiving!


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