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Working with the Older Children

Our homeschooling day was so busy! I had lots of tutoring sessions with my older children today. Analytical Grammar with Josh. I realized how important it is for me to correct this with him (as it says in the teacher binder). I can get away with this with Annette but not my Josh :) By me sitting with him and helping him understand the object of the preposition and remind him what a modifier is, I noticed that a few light bulb moments and I'll probably have to remind him again tomorrow to keep those light bulbs from going out.

I went over WinterPromise grammar with Annette. She was not sure about compound verbs and subjects. She had to underline the subject once and the verb twice. I actually used what I learned from Shurley to help her find the sub. and verb. The question and answer flow works! She is almost done with the first Unit of Analytical Grammar and is doing very well. I think using both AG and WP-LA is working out great!

I also had a math session with Josh. I FINALLY took the time to watch his math dvds. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. Now I know what the Systematic Math teacher was doing and can really help Josh. The way Josh was explaining things to me made no sense. Now I see that he has been twisting some of what Mr. Paul (his teacher) was saying.

We started back with our Latin studies. I made cards and taped them around the kitchen where I hang out most. Now I will remember to use my Latin when speaking.

I didn't get to Shurley Grammar or All About Spelling or Writing with Ease today.

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