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AAR and More

I can hear Lance, practicing his reading again. I'm so happy he enjoys All About Reading. I don't like to say anything negative about programs but PAL/Reading didn't bring this much joy!

Lance, started lesson 3 today and will continue lesson 3 on Monday. I have to say AAR is so easy to teach.

After searching far and wide (posting at just about every homeschooling forum) I found a used copy of Beyond Little Hearts. I'm so excited. Hopefully it'll be here next week and I can take a look at it. Praying it's the one.

Switching in the middle of the year can be expensive, so again, I'm very thankful that it will only cost me $40.00 total to do. At least for the two youngest ones (Ethan and Lance). I only had to purchase the guide and Rod and Staff Grammar 2.

Since PAL/Reading didn't work out I exchanged it for IEW poetry memorization program. I hope to look at it tonight. At the time I was returning PAL/Reading to exchange for the poetry kit, I wasn't completely sure I was going to use Heart of Dakota which (by the way) includes poetry memorization. So, here I am with something I may not use. (Yikes!) I'll see though.

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