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All About Reading Level 1

Yesterday I was so excited to receive All About Reading Level 1 for Lance, then I realized that I forgot to order the Phonogram and Word Cards. Aaack! I was going to purchase them on Friday but have decided to make them instead. I think it'll work out. I'll miss out on the viewfinder bookmark but I can make one.

Later in the day the boys were playing in the living room. You know, pillows flying and such. In the process they knocked over my brand new teacher's manual and now the cover is creased. Arrg! I was upset but since I'm always trying to teach the children "It's not that bad or be thankful......" I didn't make a big deal about it, but oh how I dislike that crease.

I'm really excited though. Lance did two lessons today. I skipped the introducing the new letter sounds, since Lance, finally knows them (thanks to IEW PAL/Writing). The first lessons we'll zip through but it looks like exactly what Lance needs right now. My only concern is 'When is the second level going to be out' yikes!

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