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The children and I tidyed up the house a little. I was impressed with Caleb. Instead of just putting the couch cushions on he vacuumed first. I thanked him.

I put a Keith Green cd on and washed the dishes. Josh, took a cd player to the bathroom and cleaned up there. Caleb, cleaned the living room and blared some Christian music as well. Brent's job was his room and yes, he had some music going as well. We each had one of our favorite cds on. When you walked down the hall you could hear music from all parts of this 1200sq. ft. house.

I worked with Josh today. First we went over his Analytical Grammar Unit 3 test. He scored a B! He did really well with the diagramming. He does need to memorize those prepositions. He would have had a higher score if it wasn't for some of the prepositions he didn't mark.

After Analytical Grammar I went over his math. He's using Systematic Math but this week I had him use Teaching Textbook (the workbook) to change things up a bit. We reviewed some fractions together. It was nice.

The mail-man delivered Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I was excited but haven't really had a chance to look at it. The lady I purchased this from also gave me the cd Hide Em' in Your Heart. My sister Cynthia is sending me Morning Bells via pdf. To top it off, the edition that I purchased uses the 1991 copyright of Stories of the Pilgrims. This is the older copyright of the book. Praise the Lord for that!

I really want to start Beyond tomorrow but I might wait until the new year. I still need the science book. I ordered this used from Amazon, so my quote of $40.00 to change in the middle of the year is actually $47.00. Still not too bad.

I was finally able to order a few CHRISTmas gifts. I'm done with Lance, Josh, and almost done with Annette. This year I am not purchasing too much. Usually I order at least $200.00 of community gifts. These are things that the children share like legos or playmobiles. I also would buy between 4-6 audio books. This year I'll only get one (Lord of the Rings Audio Book 1). Then I hop on over to Timberdoodle and purchase another $200.00 worth of logic toys. Not this year. Sadly. I'm scaling way back. Only one community toy and I think it will be Legos this year.

Here is what I'm getting the kids. Joshua, a cute Yoda pillow and an Army Blanket. Annette, some books and a remote control car. Lance, a Trio DC Super Friends Bat Cave and another TRIO toy. I might try to find a Danial Boone outfit too. He really wants one. Ethan, I want to get some Lincoln Logs and something army. Caleb, loves wolves, army, knives and park ranger stuff, so I'm still trying to figure out what to get him. Brent, wants all kind of knives too (think Vision Forum).

I'm also needing stocking stuffer ideas. No toothbrushes this year because they will get some from the dentist next week.

Well, I must go now. Quiet time is over. We have AWANA tonight. I must get supper ready.

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