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CHRISTmas Decorating

Last night my Sweets brought home the CHRISTmas decorations from storage (we don't have a garage). The children were really excited. I thought I would let them decorate this year.

 We decided to use a fake tree this year. The children really wanted a live tree but with funds being short it's either this one or no tree. After the children decorated it, they were happy. Lights make everything look good.
When we lived in our larger house, the formal living room was in the front facing the street. It had a nice big window. We purchased this tree to put in front of that window, so it would look pretty from the outside. People passing by could enjoy the tree. 
Our live tree was always put in the living room that we used daily.

That's the story behind the fake tree.

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  1. I love your fake tree! I've always had a fake tree. I have never had a real one...I don't even know anyone who has a real one. I'm serious...maybe I'm too much of a city girl. lol! :) Only a few more days...I bet the kids can hardly sleep!


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