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Day 65

I'm back to knowing what day of school we are on. Day 65!

We plan to jump right back into school this week and maybe take next week off to bake.

Today was hectic. I was able to get a lot of lessons in but with lots of  interruptions as well. My goodness, but then again, it seems almost every lesson has some one coming to me about something or other.

Here is what I did today.

All About Spelling lesson with Caleb and Brent. We reviewed words that they haven't spelled correctly. As we move along from lesson to lessons there are some words that they miss like 'human' or 'magnet', so they go in the review section. Those are the words we practiced today.

All About Reading lesson with Lance. He loves this program. I have to hold him back with the Activity Book (workbook).Today, we went over all his word cards and flip book.

Teaching Textbook 3 with Ethan, I found his TT workbook but the cds are still lost, so I taught the lesson. He completed lesson 48.

Teaching Textbook 5. Brent finished his Math-U-See Gamma book. I was going to order the Delta book but thought I'd save money and have him use the TeachingTextbook 5 workbook (no cds). He has to do a little bit of review. He completed lesson 38.

Teaching Textbooks 6 with Josh. I went over lesson 42 with him. He is still using Systematic Math but we are taking a winter break. I am having him use both Teaching Textbook and Systematic Math.

Shurley English with Caleb and Brent. I introduced conjunctions, compound parts and interjections. They completed lesson 10.1. I did have them skip lesson 9's test because we do everything together including the test. At some point I'll have them take the test on thier own but for now we do them together.

With Ethan and Lance we completed another day of Heart of Dakota. I read from our history reader, Bible, Read Aloud (Gladys Alyward) and poem. With the Bible verse, I had the children hop on one foot as they repeated the first part of the verse, then switched to the other foot as they repeated the second part of the verse.
Ethan, copied the 3rd stanza of the poem. I didn't have Lance, copy anything. He still needs to learn all his letters. His penmanship book should be here on the 15th and he'll work on that instead. Hopefully I can start easing in copywork.

And that's about it. I didn't get to Writing with Ease with Annette, Caleb and Brent or All About Spelling with Ethan and Latin with the four older children. I did have them practice their Latin words without me though.

On the homefront, I'm not sure how to mother my two youngest. They are such a handful. I'm just praying that God will give me wisdom.

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  1. I look forward to being back in the swing of things. Looks productive!


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