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Day 68/Thoughts About Preparing Little Hearts

As I sit and type I can hear the rain coming down hard and the wonderful sound of thunder. My favorite weather.

Below the children watching a Latin lesson. Notice Lance sitting in. Yesterday and today he sat in on our lesson. He wants to learn Latin too. I must be honest, I'm ready to let Latin go but will continue because my children want to learn it. I know we will all benefit (even though my children are leaving me in the dust with this, thank goodness for TMs)
 I was able to get a picture of my oldest son.
 I found Lance, picking the scab off, so I put a band-aid on it.
 I actually did science with my two youngest. Yay, I'm so happy! This was scheduled last week in Beyond Hearts but I didn't have the science book. It was delivered yesterday. I read about whales, dolphins and other sea creatures that our Lord has created.
The science experiment was to show the boys how the thick layer of fat/blubber and how it keeps the creatures from getting cold.
 After coating it with shortening, they had to put both hands in cold water for about a minute.

 After lunch Ethan and Lance made a shield. I had some thick poster board left over from Joshua's science project (pinning bugs). I cut it into a shield shape. The boys decorated it.
The theme for the shield is suppose to remind us that God is our rock and our shield.

 Ethan's has a cross. Nice and simple. Lance wanted to put foil. He then painted a Bible, star and a cross. I will tape the handles on later.

Starting in January I will have Caleb and Brent use Heart of Dakota, Preparing Hearts for His Glory. I was going to skip this and try to get them ready for the next level up by working with them for the remainder of the year.
Yesterday, I happend to get an email that someone was selling their Preparing guide for $45.00ppd. This is a $30.00 saving. To purchase new would be $64.95 + $10.00 shipping. So, I was really excited to snatch it up.
To tell you the truth I'm not sure how I'm going to fit in two guides at the moment but I'll do the best I can.
Maybe Friday can turn into a science day.

Right now our days have been starting at 9:00. I start with Latin, then start Ethan and Lance with Beyond which includes Bible, history, poetry, storytime,  and either a geography, history, science project or an artistic expression, which today was making the shields.
Once done with Beyond I start rotating the children with math, phonics, spelling, grammar, Writing with Ease and so forth. Trying to get as many sessions in before our two o'clock nap time.

A few thoughts about Preparing Hearts. What I want to do is start it in January and work through the summer. Then when September rolls around we'll stop using Preparing and start the next guide which is Creation to Christ.
Another option would be to continue with Preparing through the new school year and switch to Creation to Christ in January of 2012. This might actually work better, so I will have more time to purchase the books I'm missing.


  1. The shields came out really great!

  2. I just decided to make a switch to a January-December school year...which essentially means that, for graduation purposes (the only reason I keep track of "grade level" anyway) that the girls had one semester of 4th grade before moving on to 5th next month. But we'll just keep going through our books where we're at. I just wanted to line up our school year with the calendar...but I'll give them 1.5 years of "8th grade" if that seems best when they're approaching high school.