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Day 70

We are taking it light this week but did get some schooling done.

I had math sessions with Josh, Caleb, Brent and Ethan. Completed history, poetry, Bible study and geography via Beyond Little Hearts with Lance and Ethan and went over Analytical Grammar with Annette.

Josh, Caleb and Brent made some gift tags, not sure if this falls under 'art' or 'home-economics'.
Josh wrapped and made a gift-tag for Lance's present.

 More of Joshua's gift-tags. He is using a stamp set that belonged to my mom. I still have the card that she made with it. This was over 13 years ago. The stamp set was one of my mother's first sets (before we started purchasing from Stampin Up)
 Caleb's tags.
Annette, read a few hours. She still needs 14 books to reach her goal of 100 books in 12 months.

This week the children will do math, grammar and home economics (baking and cooking. Getting the house ready for CHRISTmas)

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  1. For the last days of school, you guys are still working so hard. I really like the gift cards the kids made. What an awesome idea! We've been taking it really easy. I mean, I've been in p.j.'s all day today and I'm loving it. ;)