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Day 71

With the two little ones we completed Bible, history, geography and copywork (only Ethan did copywork).
Today for geography the children made a map from our story. On the bottom of the paper they made fence, above the fence they made a corn field and above that they made a forest. Once done with making their map, they then had to draw footprints where the character in our story went. From the gate, through the cornfield and in the forest.

 Lance, said he couldn't draw little boy feet, only deer feet.
 Ethan's drawing. He said it was hard to draw little feet, so they came out big.

Lance is wearing a hat that I purchased about six years ago. It came with a matching apron.
This morning Lance came up to me asking about the hat. He tried it on and said the hat didn't fit him. Sure enough it was a tight fit. How sad, when I purchased the hat and apron set, all my children could wear it. Now it doesn't fit any of my children, so of course I had to take a picture of the hat being worn one last time.

Below Lance pulled the hat down. I told him to keep it that way, so I could snap a picture. It was pretty tight. Lance said, "Hurry I don't want to sacrifice" at first I didn't understand what he meant but then realized he meant suffocate.

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  1. Aw, I love that he said sacrifice for suffocate...Those are the little phrases that you forget as they get older. It's good that you got to take one last pic of the little hat. Maybe it can go on a teddy bear as a forever memory. :)

    Love the pics (footprints) as well! The boys are so creative with their pics!


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