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Day Before Thanksgiving (2011)

These pictures were taken the day before Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving a day early. My brother-in-law had to work on the actual day. It worked out really well because NO FOOTBALL was playing. The day of Thanksgiving my sister MaryEllen, hubby, my dad and all the boys went to the hotel to watch the game. My sister Cynthia and I along with her daughter and Annette stayed at the house. The girls played outside, read and did a Nancy Drew mystery on the computer while Cynce and I talked HOMESCHOOL!!!!

Below is Brent, drinking his Coke that he received from the Coke-Cola Museum. We were allowed to taste 60 different around the world flavors.

 Annette and Josh helping Auntie Reff make an apple pie.
 I don't remember what I or Cynce said to get these looks.
 Annette, helping Auntie make two Pumpkin pies. My niece MaryEllen helped me make two Sweet Potato pies.
 My little sister.
 My dad taking it easy.
 Lunch time.
 I don't remember what my sister was showing me but she is computer savvy.

 The children played outside a lot but for some reason I didn't take too many pictures of them. I guess because I was baking and such.
Below, my nephew with my boys playing a Nancy Drew Mystery.
 My brother-in-law. I didn't take this photo (hubby did) so I'm not sure what he is doing. I think he may be rinsing a turkey.
 We made two turkeys. My sister cooked one in the over and my Dear Hubby getting ours ready for the infra-red fryer. He brines it. Both turkeys came out very tasty.
 I'll have to ask Lupe what they were doing. Probably playing another game.
And that was the day before our Thanksgiving.

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