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Day ?

I lost track of our homeschooling days again. I need to go back and count.

I'm still having a hard time getting back into schooling. As you can see, Ethan had time to do some building.

 Lance, completed lesson 4 today.
 Here he is reading from one of the Fluency Reading pages. He sat and read the whole page!

Joshua, like his mama, is slowly getting back to his subjects. Today he did Bible, history, spelling and Analytical Grammar. I put writing on hold for now because I placed a pre-order with Amazon for Writing with Style by Susan Wise Bauer. I purchased two student workbooks and pray that Josh, Annette and I can do this together.
I really like her Writing with Ease program, so I'm sure Writing with Style will be a winner here.

Caleb and Brent, completed another lesson from Shuley English. Chapter 9, lesson 3. HOD Preparing, schedules Rod and Staff English, so I'm not sure if we'll continue with Shurley next year. I would like to but am wondering if following exactly what Heart of Dakota recomends will make things easier on me. Especially since Grammar isn't scheduled daily. On the flip-side, I would like the boys to get another year of Shurley's Question and Answer Flow.
Caleb and Brent also completed another All About Spelling lesson and a math lesson as well.

Yesterday I started Beyond Little Hearts (sorta). I don't have the science book yet. I purchased a used one from Amazon for $5.56 and it has shipped. Hopefully it will be here next week.
So yesterday, I read the history portion. Today I did the Poetry and Rhymes, Geography, Bible Study and Storytime with the boys. Since we are using our own math and reading programs, I skipped that. The Language Arts portion I'm tweaking a bit.
Tomorrow, I'll try to finish as much as I can but skip the science (I will play catch-up as soon as the book comes).
Our 'Storytime' book that is suppose to last us 20 days is Gladys Aylward. I read the first chapter today.

I'm hoping to add more 'Georgia' pictures, so I need to end this post.

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