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Dentist Day

Brent's sparkling smile.
The children are not allowed chewy, sticky or hard candy (I do let them suck on a candycane/lollipop). They don't regularly eat food that sticks to ones teeth and I don't buy lots of juice or juice drinks. Soda is a one day-a-week treat, if that. I'm trying to get the children in the habit of rinsing their mouth after any kind of sweets.
Thankfully, it's all paid off. The children had a dentist appointment and praise the Lord, no cavities. Yay!

Today was a half day with school. The children did some reading, math and a little bit of grammar.
Lupe, took the day off but is now on his way to Dallas. We have an apartment that needs cleaning and fixing so we can get it rented.


  1. Beautiful Smile! Awesome job, mom! I'm trying to hard with Joshua, but he's a sugar maniac! I hope when he has his check-up we get such good news! :)

  2. What a great picture of Brent...his smile is contagious! And good for you Mom for limiting the candy/soda intake. :)


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