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Good Find

Don't you love a good find? I was able to find Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Student Book 4-5 and Student Book 6-7-8 for $60.00ppd. and the seller was very kind to hold them for me because I won't be able to purchase the set for another two weeks. This is a $77.00 saving. To purchase new would have been $137.80.

I won't be needing this until the fall and I'm not even sure if we will use Drawn into the Heart of Reading but I wanted to get a good look at it before making a decision. I also thought the price was right. Same with Preparing. After CHRISTmas I'll start looking for a used copy. Again, not sure if we'll use it but taking a good look at it will help me decide. I truly do like the all-in-one aspect of the program.

Funny how things can change so quickly. This past summer I was looking for separate subjects. I went with WinterPromise Hideaways in History, so I could use a something else for Bible. We'll come to find out, I don't really like that. I want Bible to be woven into each subject.

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