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Happy 10th Birthday Brent

{I know this is really late considering his birthday was in Oct.}

Happy 10th Birthday Brent!!!

The gift table.
 I ordered Pizza from Domino's Pizza.
 Opening his gifts.
 Ethan, gave Brent his pocket knife.
 Before we started opening the gifts some were watching Myth Busters, so we muted it while Brent, opened his gift. I would have turned it off but some of our guest wanted to see the ending. At the time he was opening his gifts the part that they were waiting for was not on yet, so Brent had everyone's attention =)

 Joshua, gave Brent a Hardy Boys book.
 Auntie V and family gave Brent, some art supplies and Cotton Candy.
 Mom and dad gave him some legos.
 Looking at the art book Auntie V. gave him. Look at Ethan's face. I wonder what made him look so surprised.

 Not sure what the little green thing is but it sure made him smile!
 Dad, bought him a flashlight that you can hang. He used it on our trip to Gorgia.
 His cake.
 Singing Happy Birthday to Brent.

 After his party, I found him in the kitchen putting his army legos together.

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  1. Happy Birthday Brent!!! May the Lord continue to bless you! You are so blessed to be in a family that loves you so much!!! :) :) :) Ten is an awesome age! (pardon my too many exclamation marks, I'm just too much of a passionate person. :O) )



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