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Our Schoolroom/Day 67

Our schoolroom/kitchen. It's a little cluttered but it works for us. This picture was taken during lunch. They are eating waffles.

The children are getting school done. Yay!

Here are some lessons that I did with the children:
Writing with Ease with Annette.
All About Reading with Lance.
Shurely English with Caleb and Brent.
Bible with Ethan and Lance (via Beyond Little Hearts)
History with Ethan and Lance (via Beyond)
Poetry with Ethan and Lance (via Beyond)
Read Aloud with Ethan and Lance (via Beyond)
Teaching Textbook Math with Ethan.
Teaching Textbook Math with Brent.
All About Spelling with Caleb and Brent.
Latin with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent.

What I didn't get to:
Writing with Ease with Caleb and Brent.
Math with Lance.

I also need to sit with Josh and go over Analytical Grammar.

Next week we will have a semi-week off. The children will continue with math and Latin. Josh will continue with History but only reading the text. Our goal with him is to read until he gets to Day 65 and do the test only. He'll probably watch some of the videos but for fun.

That's where we are at right now.

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