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Still Sick

Can't believe this cold is still lingering. My ears and throat itch and I'm still coughing. Lance, is coughing too. We need to get better because next week we have a dentist appointment that we can't miss. The dentist blocked off the whole morning just for us. If we cancel that would she lost a whole morning plus I don't think they would let us book all eight of us again. Having us all go on the same day is a huge blessing. Our doctor does this as well for us. Praying we get better, we have never missed an appointment.

Lupe, wouldn't take a sick day from work. He works in finance and at certain parts of the month he has to be there. Poor hubby.

The weather has been so nice. It's chilly out. I do open the windows for a few hours a day. I like to think the germs are blowing out while God's fresh air is coming in. I can't stand to not open my windows. I need air! If it's really cold I'll leave the heater on with the window slightly ajar. I just really need to feel that cool breeze, even if it's 35 degrees. It just feels so wonderful.

I didn't do any night-school with Lance yesterday. I was too tired. Annette and I did go over her Analytical Grammar though, so that was good.

Lupe, didn't get home until past eight. Over at the apartments the heater needed to be turned on. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as flipping a switch. It didn't turn on at all, so today my hubby needs to call someone to look at it. Praying it's something small.

I need to get ready for the day now. I would like to get a few All About Spelling lessons in as well as Shurley English. I have to write more later about this. I'm really trying (not rushing though) to get my two middle boys at least half way through AAS, so I can let it go and only use Heart of Dakota.

Another week with no Latin. Maybe I'll have the children at least listen to the cd.

Bye for now,

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