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Thanksgiving 2011 Continues (35 pictures)

Here are the three cooks.
 Like my kids, I wanted to take a picture in age order. We didn't realize at the time that we did the 'age order' backwards.

My dad reading the paper.

 Cooking up a storm.
 Josh, making a jello salad.
 Carefully reading the instructions.
 Waiting for the big meal.
 Back in the kitchen.

 Lupe's turkey is finished.
 Being together.
 Playing outside.

 My sister's turkey looks much more presentable ;)
 I love this picture of Cynce. She looks so cute and happy!
 The 'men' cutting up the turkey with Lupe's electric knife. We received the electric knife as a wedding gift. When I told my sister Cynthia she said, "It's almost an antique" realizing what she said, we all busted up laughing.
 The children.

 Lupe's plate has only half of what we made.
 Lupe, putting butter on the table for the kids.
 My happy guy!
 When I saw my hubby and two sisters sitting on the couch after eating their meal, I couldn't resist taking a picture. They look so relaxed.
 Lance's turn to play the Nancy Drew mystery game.
 Having Pumpkin and Sweet Potato pie.
 More family time, playing games.

 My two techy sisters. All I know how to do is blog and shop. Not my sisters. They are much more computer savvy.

 Back at the hotel.

That was our Thanksgiving.

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  1. Aw, Linda, this was soooo nice! You and your beautiful sisters all look alike! I absolutely loved the pics of everyone sleeping on the sofa after the big meal! I should have taken a few like that. :) And the meal looks so good!

    Thank you for sharing!


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