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Still recovering but I was able to teach a few All About Spelling lessons, Shurley English, and a math lesson. After nap I want to do a lesson with Lance, a math and All About Reading.

I'm so behind with my pictures. I need to take the time to size and crop them. Here are few from our Georgia trip.

 No one wanted to take a picture next to the cute Cabbage Patch kids. Finally Annette, agreed and gave me one of those 'do I have to' smiles.
 Awww, thanks Annette, for giving a genuine smile.
 With Grandpa Joe.
 So many trees. Made us wonder how wagons traveled through here.

Made it to my sister's house.

The next day Lupe, took us to the Coke-Cola plant to tour. It was really neat. I found out that Coke-Cola hired a person (forgot his name) to make Santa. This person read The Night Before Christmas and  from the story he created what Santa might look like, which is the Santa that everyone enjoys now. I didn't know that (of course it's the fake Santa).

Later that day we met up with Cynthia's family to surprise my other sister MaryEllen. She had no idea that we planned to surprise her. She thought she was going to have a nice quiet Thanksgiving with my sister, brother-in-law and two kids. Haha, we tricked her. Instead she had lots of kids and noise.
 We stayed at a hotel. Lupe and I took the elevator and the kids took the stairs. As we stepped out on the 4th floor we found our kids sitting and waiting for us. Ethan, stayed most of the time at my sister's house.

Well, that's it for now. I'll add more later.


  1. Linda, it looks like you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving and time with your sisters! I'm a little jealous...:( I miss my sis so much...maybe soon...

    I love the pic with the kids all sitting down waiting for you and Ethan with his little hand on his head. It's so cute! It made me chuckle...the baby is the baby in every family, I tell ya! :)


    Hope you start feeling better soon! Take it easy, though...I noticed it's so hard for the kids to concentrate with the excitement of Christmas and Christmas vacation looming over them...


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