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Things to Remember

Things I want to remember about today:
  • I watched Caleb play the Wii with Lance. He would encourage him and help him.
  • Making shields with my boys.
  • Annette, helping with the science experiment with the two youngest.
  • My hubby coming home from work and telling me I look so cute in my apron and wearing miss-matched slippers while making waffles.
  • Caleb's kindness-getting me a glass of water and making sure I was comfortable on the couch with the heater and all.
  • Annette and Brent playing Stratego together.
  • Joshua, thanking me for the waffles I made for supper.
  • Joshua, cleaning off one of the counters and the hot chocolate station without being asked.
  • Ethan's big heart, explaining to me that it wasn't Caleb's fault about something.

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