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We are Back

Actually, we've been back. I just haven't had time to sit and blog. So many things happening. We went to Georgia to visit my sister and her family, when we came home my sister-in-law and her family were here. Busy, busy, a good busy. I like busy actually.

So much on my mind too! I think I may change things up this year. I normally (or at least the past three years) try to stick with what I purchased for the year and not change it. This has been going good for the last three years (I'm happy to write) but this year I might change right in the middle of the school year (gasp). I know, REAlly bad.

I may let our current history, bible and writing program go with Ethan and Lance. I do like what we are using but I miss everything focusing on Christ. When Josh and Annette were in 1st-3rd grade almost every subject gave glory to God. I used Rod and Staff, Sonlight and My Father's World in those days long ago.

Right now I'm using WinterPromise for history, Writing with Ease for writing and haven't started grammar yet. The boys will continue with All About Spelling and their current reading program.

I miss our English class or reading time being so centered around Christ that it was like teaching Bible as well. So come this January I am going to have Ethan and Lance start Heart of Dakota's guide Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I'm thankful I have all the books and only need to purchase the guide (which I did own three years ago).

Why did I own Beyond and Preparing (two guides that I need now) three years ago? I was going to have all my children use HOD then but that was about the time when I couldn't juggle all the children anymore and switched to textbooks (which has worked out fine too).

Anyway, I'm excited but it's a big move. I'm scared as well.

If it goes well, I'll also switch Caleb and Brent to Preparing Hearts for His Glory. Again, thankfully I own 90% of the books.

(as I am writing, I can hear Lance practicing his reading. He is using the first reader from All About Reading)

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  1. Hi Linda! Yay, you are back! I missed ya' girl! I hear you about HOD. It looks so awesome and tempting. I visit that site almost every day. I'm thinking about it for next year...maybe...;) Everything there looks sooooo good!

    Dee :)


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