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Week 14

December 12th-16th 2011

Before school started Annette and Josh had a good game of Stratego.

We completed yet another week. It was very productive. The children concentrated mainly on math and Language Arts. We did get some history and science too.

The little ones completed their unit from Beyond Little Hearts. It was fun.

Josh, is catching up on his history. By the end of next week he should be done through Day 64. Yay! In order to do this he is reading, reading and reading but not doing all the assignments. He takes notes of what he reads and rereads. He loves history!

Annette, is still using America the Beautiful and enjoying it.

And Preparing Hearts will be here next week!

During quiet time today, I let the children watch Peter Pan. Yesterday they watched Hook.
I was telling Josh, that the movies seemed CHRISTmasyish, even though they are not Christmas movies. He said, "Yeah, they are all sparkly and fun".


  1. Hook is my absolute favorite version of Peter Pan ever! I love that movie! :) Thanks for reminding me to watch it with the kids.

    Looks like you guys had a very productive and fun week! I love the pic of Lance in timeout...too cute!

  2. Your posts are so inspirational. A reminder for me to keep plugging away. Take one day at a time. Thank you!!! I am always reminded of you every time I get a Starbucks coffee.

    I pray that you and your family have a very special Christmas.


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