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I found some pictures on my camera, not sure what the children were doing with Lance.

 I played Rolit with Brent and Ethan. Brent was the winner!

Saturday, I didn't get much sleep. I had too much on my mind the night before and fell asleep past 4:00a.m. Thus leaving me in a funky mood on Saturday. Annette, suggested going to the park. I thought the fresh air would do us all good so off we went.

The children love this well. Everytime we pass it they all gather around and look down inside. Josh, was with his dad, so he's not in the pictures.
 Before we arrived at the coffee shop, the children took some pictures with Santa. They were free from the flower shop down-town. I would post them here but I don't know how to download or is it upload? to my computer. They are in some kind of zip folder. I can print them but not sure how to save them. Maybe Lupe can help me later.

Below, Annette enjoying her Carmel Apple Tea, Lance, Caleb and Ethan ordered an Italian Cherry Soda and Brent had a hot chocolate. I enjoyed a Pumpkin Pie Latte. I found some cash, well actually it was the money the children owed us for CHRISTmas presents they purchased online. They shop like their mama via the net =)
 Ethan and Brent in the back are playing checkers. We love this coffee shop. It has lots of neat things for sale.

 After our fun time at the coffee shop, we continued on our little journey to the park. I snapped a picture of the children in front of the tree.
 Lance, Ethan and Brent, showing how brave they are.
Sunday we went to church, stopped at Subway for their $2.00 subs and headed home to take a nap.
Lupe and Josh went to Dallas. My dad, Ethan and I went to get some CHRISTmas presents wrapped.
A church in our community is wrapping gifts for free! I feel so spoiled. I think it's a great out-reach, what a wonderful idea to bless people during the busy CHRISTmas season.

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