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Changes @ Homeschooling6

I’m going to do something that I haven’t done in all my years of blogging this January (that’s 6+ years of blogging). It’s the perfect time as I have no reviews due (other than a few scheduled for this week).

It has to do with my camera. It’s something that I have been pondering and praying about for a long time.

I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet but will blog more about it very soon (I have to, tomorrow is the 1st of January).

A few more hints (the first one had to do with my camera). I don’t know how to really write this but for months now I feel like I’m not paying enough attention to the needs and wants of my children and my household.

You would think as a homeschooling mom who is home all day with her children, how can that be. But lately I feel like the heart strings of my children are unraveling and I feel so helpless. There is a loneliness I have and I’m not even sure if the word lonely is the correct word.

My marriage is wonderful so it has nothing to do with being lonely as a wife and mom. 

This is why I really don’t think the word lonely is right but there is a feeling inside me that I can’t put my finger on.

But I know there is something missing here that I as a mother am suppose to provide. I feel it in my mommy heart.

I have a plan but I need to pray a bit more and think it through.

Some words to ponder:
Reconnect, focus, and where am I going are a few things I will right about soon.

As for tonight, I’m going to stay awake all night with my children. Lance has been looking forward to it for weeks now.

One last thing, hitting the submit button for this post to go live is really hard. Why, because it’s keeping me accountable with following through with my upcoming plan and being transparent can be difficult, especially when sharing ones heart on a public blog hee,hee .

Lance Not Feeling Well

This is how my Lance looked last night. He said his head hurt.
12.29.12 012
My poor sick child. I asked if he could give me a smile.
12.29.12 013
Here is Lance this morning. I stayed home from church. The poor guy was coughing and had a headache.
12.31.12 004
He was hot all day but thankfully he slept a lot. Right now he’s sleeping on the couch. I am going to cover him and make sure he’s nice and comfy.

My One Word

The Mrs. @ Her Household Rhythm prayfully picks one word to ponder, pray over, and use during the whole year. I got to thinking this is a great idea and wondered if I should do the same. I couldn't think of a word and thought, guess this isn't for me. But the idea kept tugging at me, so I prayed about it (should have done that first). Later the word Joy, came to mind. It’s something I have been working on but haven’t at the same time.

I don’t mean just ‘happy’ joy but true biblical joy. I want more than feelings. I want joy that comes deep within our heart from knowing and loving our Savior.

Psalm 43:4-5 says:
Then will I go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight. 
I will praise you with the harp, O God, my God.
Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

This year I am going to ponder, pray over, and use the word Joy. I am using a capital ‘J’ because it’s important to me. I want more Christ-like joy in me to spread throughout my household and to teach my children the joy of the Lord. 

Joy. I like that word.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17~Be joyful always; pray continually.
Other words for joy:  blessedness, beatitude, bliss, felicity, gladness, warm fuzzies Smile

Thank you my friend and thank you Jesus.
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Ethan’s Slippers

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From Santa Clause, Ethan received a pair of slippers. I wasn’t sure if he’d really appreciate them or not but decided to put them in his stocking anyway.

Guess what?!?! He loves them and has worn them every, single, day since CHRISTmas.
12.29.12 001
He keeps asking me how much they are, because he knows if I tell him then it was I who put them in the stocking. Very clever little guy!
I haven’t told him but just in case you all want to know I paid $7.50 at Amazon.

My children know why we celebrate CHRISTmas but I always had fun as a kid believing in Santa, so I let my children do so as well. Santa only hangs the stocking, mom and dad get credit for the gifts Winking smile.

Date Night

Tonight we were going to use our Chili’s gift certificate but the line was out the door and it was way too chilly to wait (plus I was hungry). We decided to eat at In-N-Out. I haven’t had a burger from there in months!
12.29.12 014
I ordered a single cheese burger with grilled onions and sauce only. I still can’t handle lettuce and tomatoes yet. My Sweets had the Double-double. Yum. 
I did bite my lips a few times and it hurt. I couldn’t eat the extra crispy fries Sad smile. The verse on our hamburger baggie was Rev. 3:20, the one on our french fry container was a verse from Proverbs, and as always John 3:16 was under the cup.
12.29.12 015
Look at the cheese. I couldn’t wait to take my first bite. I’m so bad, my hubby had to remind me to pray first. I must tame that sinful flesh of mine Winking smile.
12.29.12 016
My hubby looked tired so instead of our usual stop at Target we went to a movie. We watched Jack Fleatcher (think that was the name). There was a lot of shooting but thankfully no half dressed women or bad language.

After the movie we did go to Target for a few items. We had 15 minutes before the store closed so it was a rush trip. Not good. When you are in a hurry you don’t compare prices and can end up paying over $2.00 for an apple. How do I know you may wonder? Being the good mother that I am I picked up 6 Honey~crisp apples for my 6 Hearts! The price was $14.25, wowzers!

These apples are almost 4 inches!!!
 12.29.12 003
I scored with the Dunkin’ Donuts Gingerbread Coffee, $8.00 off. I paid $3.99 each. This time I only bought two. I’m still drinking last years Pumpkin flavor. The Candycane flavor coffee was $5.99, I saved $2.00.
12.29.12 001
On the way home my Sweets bought me a coffee from McDonalds. I doctored it up at home with some Gingerbread Syrup that I bought at Target a month ago. I keep forgetting about it.

That was another wonderful date with my wonderful hubby. Love you Sweets!

Monkey Boy

For CHRISTmas Lance received a Curious George Sock Monkey.
When he was younger he really did look like Curious George, truly he did!

These were taken 12/29/12. I forgot to change the date in Live Writer.

Our CHRISTmas 2012

Can you believe we all slept in, well kind of, the children did wake early to open their stocking but they all fell back to sleep (a first).

My poor kids didn't get to open their presents until almost 8 o’clock in the evening. I prefer the opening of gifts earlier but hubby doesn’t.

One of our traditions, for breakfast we have rice pudding. I put one single almond and whoever gets it is the first one to open a gift. The children really enjoy this. They kept reminding me all week to make rice pudding and not to forget the almond.

Ethan discovered the almond in his bowl.
A new tradition is putting the names of Jesus on the tree. My MIL is always thinking about us and she purchased from Family Life.

We were all delighted to be blessed with a white CHRISTmas here in TX, a first for us, so it was pretty exciting.
12.28.12 013
Some of my nephew’s toys that were outside. Looks like a little village.
CHRISTmas 2012
12.28.12 028
My crazy Josh. He wanted a picture of himself with no shoes. Didn’t last long. Winking smile
12.28.12 039
Ethan being silly.
12.28.12 040
12.28.12 042
Can’t tell in this picture but Lance had the most fun playing in the snow.
12.28.12 041
Annette, braving the cold.
12.28.12 043
I like this picture of her. So pretty.
12.28.12 045
Brent with his new favorite monkey, Socks! It was in his stocking.
12.28.12 047
What a good picture of Brent. Love it.
12.28.12 048
This one (Caleb) stayed warm inside.
12.28.12 044
Lupe cooks the Turkey every year and every year it’s so delicious!!! My Sis-in-law was blessed with a fully cooked smoked turkey so we had that too, thank you Jesus!!!
12.28.12 019
Here is a picture of me on CHRISTmas day. You can see my smile is still crooked. I really have to smile big.
I tried to make it look normal but it was hard =)
My sis-in-law is so creative with her gifts. She always makes such pretty baskets.
12.28.12 063
Lance gave me a heart shaped box that he bought with his AWANA Bucks!
12.28.12 073
Josh opening a gift from Ethan. He wrapped it in a mail envelope. We ran out of wrapping paper.
12.28.12 074
Ethan received a Military Tent from his siblings.
(I need a new camera, this one doesn’t take very good pics)
12.28.12 076
Annette received the whole set of these books (forgot the name) from Josh and me, we went halfers on this.
12.28.12 077
Brent was really happy to get a cd player. Annette and Caleb received one as well. See the Zoologic game next to Brent, that was a gift from Lance, he said, only two pieces are missing Surprised smilethat sounds about right. Like the birthday present he once gave Josh, it was half of a watch band.
12.28.12 079
Ethan gave his dad a 2008 pocket calendar. The blanket on his lap, Annette made for him. She searched high and low for the right material. Weeks in fact. Her Grandpa Joe took her to Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart, and some fabric place.
12.28.12 080
Caleb hit the jack-pot with Star Wars figures. I think he got about four or five of them, two from me. He likes to play with these on his bed during nap time.
12.28.12 087
This picture didn’t come out to well. It’s Lance cuddled in his monkey blanket that he got from mom and dad.
12.28.12 093
From mom and dad, Annette received some Scout books. She really, really, wanted some books from this series.
12.28.12 086
Caleb drew a picture and gave Lupe and I $10.00 gift certificates.
12.28.12 095
He even wrote in cursive.
12.28.12 096
This was taken a few days after CHRISTmas. Ethan loved the way the icicles looked. He thought it was pretty amazing how they slowly form by melting (drip, drip, drip).
12.28.12 097
12.28.12 098
Ethan took the picture below of an icicle.
12.28.12 099
Lance made a CHRISTmas tree with a star.
12.28.12 102
Annette decorated the cookies so pretty.
12.28.12 108
Annette working hard.
12.28.12 103
That was our CHRISTmas with a few extra photos of the days that followed. Happy birthday Jesus!