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Bop-It Extreme

I purchased this Bop-It Extreme a few months ago for Brent (a CHRISTmas present). I had no idea it was no longer being made. As I was searching for CHRISTmas presents on Amazon I came across the Bop-It Extreme. The exact same one that I purchased for Brent at Once Upon A child for $7.00. On Amazon it was being sold for $185.00. Wow! I can't imagine paying that much but I guess if you are a collector.............

Brent, was really excited when he opened his present and found he owned a Bop-It. Later I told him how much it was 'worth' and he thinks it's cool that he owns a 'very expensive' toy

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  1. How fun! I remember this game...back when Amanda had it. Don't think it was this exact one though. Glad you were able to find one for such a low price, mostly since Brent was so excited to receive it. Wonder if he thought about selling it for the money...LOL.


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