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I'm not sure if I shared these pictures of Brent yet. He is wearing the hat that I gave to Lance for CHRISTmas but Lance is too embarrassed to wear it.
 Brent is taking it over. Lance, is my monkey boy, so I naturally thought he'd love it. Guess I was wrong.
 Brent is one of my Preparing Boys. I know we are only on Unit two of Preparing Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota, but I am really enjoying it along with my boys.
The first two units we have been reading about the beginning of time.
Two of the books in the first units are;
 The True Story of Noah's Ark really let them visualize and see what Noah and his family went through.
When Brent, was looking at the Bible picture below he commented and said, "The trees were not full grown after the flood and there wasn't a lot of grass like this picture shows"
I thought it was pretty neat that he made that observation.
These are the things I miss. I am happy to be using a program that is centered around Christ.

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  1. Linda,
    Thanks for the description of the Noah's Ark book, I'm gonna purchase one now!


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