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Brent has been asking for weeks if he can sleep outside in his homemade tent. Tonight Lupe and I finally gave him the go-ahead. Ethan and Lance were going to sleep outside too and of course that means mom will stay up all night to make sure her babies are safe ;)

Well, Brent decided he didn't want to at the last minute. He has too many scary thoughts going through his mind he said. He listens to audio books because of the thoughts he has. Sometimes if we are watching Discovery channel (about the only channel we get) there are commercials for the latest movie coming out and sometimes they are scary. We try to change the channel but at times we are not quick enough. Then there are a few movies that Lupe and I thought would be okay (not sure which ones) but I guess not. My poor guy has scary thoughts. We try to be careful with the movies we choose.

I told Lance and Ethan, that they wouldn't be able to stay outside without an older brother. Josh volunteered to sleep under the stars with his little brothers. It only took an hour for Lance, to decide that sleeping out is not for him. He started crying and came in. Now all my babies are safe and sound inside with mom. Yay! I do like for them to camp outside but I'm really tired tonight and would love to sleep.

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