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The stocking were hung on the hook with care, mama filled them with lots of goodies from Target. I splurged and purchased six of each item (chapstick, little games etc.) from the $1.00 section at Target. I picked four items for each child, plus I had a few things that I collected (like army face paint for the boys and an audio book for Annette). Lupe, purchased me a coffee from McDonalds, you can see it in the picture.
The children are allowed to open their stocking upon waking. Mama and dad are usually still sleeping. Well, I normally hear the heard of elephants but dad is still in lala-land ;) I can hear the kids telling each other what they got. Ethan, was in bed with us, so he didn't peek in his stocking until later.
The children were in a CHRISTmas program. The whole service was beautiful. We have lots of great talent at our church.

Caleb, Brent, and Ethan were shepherd boys.
 Ethan, was standing next to one of his friends, but I don't like to post a close-up picture without permission.
 Caleb and Brent.
 Lance, was a little star. He said at first he was scared to be in front of all those people.

 Josh was one of the Wise Men. It was hard to get a picture of him. Lupe was taking pictures while I helped with the program.

 Annette, waiting patiently to open gifts.
 Taking pictures in front of the tree. Ethan, was with his Grandpa and missing. Wish he was with us. The pictures came out really nice.
First the silly pic.
 Then the serious one.
 While waiting for Lupe (can't remember why) we decided to organize the gifts.
 Hmmmm, how did this picture end up down here? Strange.

 Ethan, sitting with Grandpa Joe.
 I don't take a lot of pictures of the children opening gifts like I use to. I do take a few when I don't want a memory forgotten, like the one with Josh, holding a present from Lance. It's a little notebook and Lance, made pages to go with it. I remember him before CHRISTmas he was cutting the paper and punching holes in it.
 Spy Guy. I found the Spy Glasses for $11.00 on Amazon, regularly $39.99. Grandpa Joe, gave him a Spy Watch.
After all the gifts are open, I then have the children gather them together for a picture.
Brent, loved his gifts. He had so much fun opening them. He would put his hand in claw form then go at it.
Annette, took this picture of Lupe and I.
 MaryEllen, this picture is for you. Dad is opening your gift. A picture of my dad with his little brother when they were very young. We laughed at their shoes, because they had holes on the bottom or were very worn out~can't remember which. Anyway, he loved the gift!

Brent, received from mom and dad the Nerf Vest, gun and a much needed pair of shoes.
 Lance wanted to pose. Notice his arm on his knee. From mom and dad he received two Trio sets and an Amazon Teddy Beat (it was free if you spent a certain amount of $$;)
Ethan received from mom and dad, a Nerf Vest and gun. The Teddy Bear was from Brent. He bought it with his AWANA Bucks. Annette, got him the Jack-in-the Box gift card.
 Annette, received from mom and dad an Uno game and Remote Control Car! The books are from Grandpa.
 Brent, received an Army blanket, Trio Mega Rig, a Bop-It and the Spy Glasses from mom and dad. He was only suppose to get two gifts from us but I forgot that I purchased the Bop-It back in Oct. and the Army blanket was an accident. The company sent me two. I only ordered one for Josh (yes, I called them back to pay for it).
 From mom and dad Josh, received Yoda and an Army Blanket. The book is from Grandpa and the Nerf belt is from Caleb.
 The children received gifts from each other and Grandpa but I didn't write it all out.
Josh, received a hatchet from Annette and Brent. He made his bed with his new Army blanket and his hatchet. Two hatchets are in the photo. The darker one was Joshua's but he gave it to Caleb, because he got a new one.
CHRISTmas Dinner.
Dad, carving the turkey.
 Annette, waiting patiently.
 After dinner picture.
 My sis-in-law and her family came for dessert and so the children could exchange their gifts.
Joshua's little cousin loves him. He'll give her piggy-back rides, color and play with her.
 The gang.
Ethan, using the wrapping paper as a hat.
A happy Lance.
We were very blessed to get the children at least two very nice gifts each. All their presents were on sale and some were over half off. For instance the Nerf Vests were originally $38.00 and I paid $18.00.

This is the first year that I didn't purchase 'educational' stuff for the kids as well. They thought I was 'the bomb' hee, hee.

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  1. Aw Linda, what a lovely, beautiful, and special time! You are such an awesome mama! Those babies are so blessed to have such wonderful parents!!!!!

    You got some great deals too!


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