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I didn't take too many photos but here are some. Most to do with food.
 We made Candy-Cane Cookies.
 Picture of my delicious homemade lasagna sauce ;)
 I cut the celery and found a pretty surprise. It looks like a flower. I tried throwing it in the compost bucket but just couldn't until I snapped a picture of it.
 Fresh cranberries. Annette, tried one and said it was VERY tart.
 Cranberry Sauce, ready to chill overnight. Yummy.
 Annette, decorating her gingerbread cookies.
Lance, decorating too!

CHRISTmas Eve was a busy day. I did lots of food prep. Since CHRISTmas day fell on a Sunday I knew I wouldn't have as much time to peel the potatoes, cut the celery, bake the pies etc.

We did something new this CHRISTmas Eve. The children were allowed to open one gift.

Annette, opened a gift from mom and dad, an electronic Uno game.
Joshua-{I forgot. Will be back}
Caleb, opened a gift from mom and dad, new shoes. The poor guys old shoes were falling apart.
Brent, opened a mom and dad gift, a Bop-It.
Ethan, opened a gift from Joshua, it was a Captain America toy.
Lance, opened a mom and dad gift, a teddy-bear. It was on his list.

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