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Day 73

Our first day back and it went pretty well. I was up at 6:40, the kids woke at 7:00 and we started school at 8:00.

My first session was Latin with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. After Latin I introduced Writing with Skill to Josh and Annette. We put their writing notebook together. Tomorrow they will start their first Writing with Skill lesson.

Yesterday, I went over how we were going to use Preparing Hearts for His Glory with Caleb and Brent, so they knew what to expect.

I made this simple check of list using a SmartPal as a whiteboard. I actually like it better than a whiteboard because I don't have to write out what needs so be done everyday. I can just change out the sheet of paper. For instance, if they need to do 'research' instead of 'vocabulary'.
Lance, wrote his name because it's fun. I think I might make one for him too!

I started our Preparing Day with Reading about History. I read a chapter from Grandpa's Box, then I read from the book of Ephesians which is Storytime, then we researched what a 'coat of arms' is. I read the poem of the week a few times, I had the children close their eyes when I read it a second time. I then asked the question from the Guide. Lastly I sent them off to do their History Project (which I don't think they did yet).
Later, we read Psalm 1:1-2 and talked about it.
After lunch with Caleb and Brent we finished our school day with Shurley English lesson 9 and All About Spelling lesson 16.

Joshua, had to find all the bodies of water. I let him use one of our placemats.
My happy homeschooled boy! Joshua's hair grows so fast and I'm afraid to cut it. Lupe, usually does but he's been so busy. I might have him walk to the Barber Shop down the street.

Notice something about the pictures below???
 (I took the one of Brent, standing because his legs look so cute)
Still guessing? What is so special about these Teaching Textbook Math pictures?
 Hint, TT.
After CHRISTmas Lupe had us doing an 'after CHRISTmas Clean-up' and I found the TEACHING TEXTBOOK CDs!!!!  They were in a bin that was piled in the hallway closet. Today, the boys started their TT lessons again. Yay!

Joshua, happily completing a Teaching Textbook lesson.
 Annette reading a Hardy Boys Book and Lance, circling the even numbers or skip counting by twos.

 Caleb and Brent, during a Shurley English lesson. It was test day.
 Annette, watching an Analytical Grammar lesson. She is on the last lesson for Unit 1.
 This has nothing to do with our school day but you know me, I take pictures of everything! I found this 5yr. old Calvert School tape still in the package. Things one can find when doing their after CHRISTmas cleaning.

I didn't get to Beyond Little Hearts because my dad took Ethan, with him on some errands. Ethan, did do math but nothing more :(

Lance, did math and All About Reading. Tomorrow I don't plan on letting the younger boys leave the house, so they should get in history, science, poetry, storytime and Bible.

73 days completed, 107 to go!


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  1. Yay! I told you they would turn up when you weren't looking! Looks like a great day! And yes, your Josh is growing up so fast...sniff sniff. Enjoy every moment!

    You are so good. I am just putting away Christmas things tonight. Wish me luck! ;)


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