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Day 74

It's been another very busy day with me teaching and 'floating' between children and their schoolwork. It's a good busy though because I'd much rather be extremely busy teaching, training, cuddling and yes, putting out fires with my children, then have them leave home for almost 8 hours a day.

So, I started our day with Latin. I orally quizzed the children. I'd say a Latin word or words and they would translate it for me. They did pretty good. Tomorrow we'll do a workbook page. It's the grammar that's harder for us.

I then got Josh and Annette, started on their writing. Only took about 10 minutes.

After that I grabbed my two Preparing kids (I call them that because Caleb and Brent are using Preparing Hearts for His Glory). Like yesterday I read from Grandpa's Box, I then read from Romans and we discussed what we read via the HOD Guide. Once done reading Grandpa's Box, verses from Romans and discussing them, this means we completed "Reading about History" portion of Preparing Hearts program/guide (and I could check that it was done).

The next section was Storytime. I read from Genesis. After reading and discussing we completed part of Language Arts. We did a little writing assignment. We had to replace some of the words from the poem of the week, then copy those lines with the words we put in. It was fun. We all enjoyed it.
Later to complete our Language Arts we did All About Spelling. Grammar was suppose to be part of our day but we didn't get to it (and that's okay, we'll do it tomorrow).

After we did the writing activity, I went over what they need to do on their own. They were then free to take a short break before finishing their assignments.

While Caleb and Brent, finished their Independent History Study, Science Exploration, Vocabulary and study their Bible verse, I let Lance know he was in the 'hot' seat.

He completed one lesson from All About Reading. He built words and practiced reading them using the tiles. We played Bingo, although I had him put a cube on all the sounds.
Once done with All About Reading he completed a math lesson. I was able to check these two subjects off in my HOD Guide (HOD-Heart of Dakota teachers guide)

I then took a break to make some oral surgery appointments. Once done making some phone calls it was back to teaching for me.
I called Ethan and Lance and we started History. I read from Stories of the Pilgrims. When done reading we drew a stone wall, with vines growing on it. This tied in with the story from history.
Bible Study-I read from 1 John and we discussed the questions in the HOD Guide.
Language Arts-Ethan, did half a lesson from Rod and Staff 2, Lance did All About Reading. They were suppose to copy part of the poem but we didn't get to that today.
Reading-Ethan, read from The Early Readers Bible and Lance, read from his AAR book.
Srorytime-I read another exciting chapter from Gladys Aylward.

Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory-the children finished all but the poetry box today.

Using two HOD Guides is a challenge but I LOVE all the Bible reading we are doing AND I enjoy having our studies point to Christ. I have missed having our studies be so Christ-centered.
This picture was taken last night. My little guy eating while finishing some AWANA work.
 Today's independent history work was drawing a dinosaur.
 Brent, getting started with his Bible reading. We all share the same Guide (Preparing Hearts for His Glory)
Once one of us is done with the HOD Guide we put it back on the bookshelf, so the next person can see what they need to get done.

Annette and Josh are doing well with getting back to their subjects.
I'm trying to get them to start making their own schedules. Josh, likes for me to have his days written out. I need to train him to do this on his own.

Well that's another day here at Homeschooling6!

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  1. You have been busy blogging! Looks like you have been very busy and are back on track with school.

    I'm glad that you are enjoying HOD.


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