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Day 77

Today, started of good. I thought because I ate a hefty breakfast I'd do well ;) I guess the Lord is trying to teach me something because it was a harried day to say the least. Maybe it's just trying to fit all our subjects in. I am trying to stay on task and school from 8-2 and believe me when I say 'It keeps me busy'.
Here is what I accomplished today:
8:15-9:10 Latin with the four older children
9:15-9:20 quickly went over a few math problems with Josh. Right after Latin, I go over any missed math problems with him. If I tell myself or him, that I'll get to it later, I won't and he'll do another lesson. I have noticed that with me sitting down with him and going over each problem (having him work it out with me watching) he is missing less.
9:20-10:20 Preparing Hearts School with Caleb and Brent. Read Life in the Great Ice Age, audio CD of The True Story of Noah's Ark, read from  Genesis, did Research about the flood and read a few 'flood' stories from other cultures, completed the science experiment from yesterday. I then let them know what they needed to do on their own.
10:20, I listened to Annette's written narration from Writing with Skill.
10:30 Lance, did an All About Reading lesson. He practiced reading from his 'frequency reading chart'.
10:45-11:20 I started Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. I read the assigned chapter for history and our Storytime reader which is Gladys Aylward and we looked at a globe and a flat map for geography, I showed them Magellan's route and how the earth is not flat but round.
11:30 I did All About Spelling with Ethan. I was going to do a grammar lesson as well but my hubby called and told me I needed to make few phone calls with regards to our insurance, doctor and sheduling for my surgery. So, that cut our lesson short.
11:40-12:20 I was on the phone talking, explaining, being transferred, cut of, called back, pressing buttons, answering the automated questions, getting a rep and finally my question being answered.
12:30, made me a sandwich.
12:40, helped Annettte, find pictures of Beetles for her science notebook
1:00, did an All About Spelling lesson with Caleb and Brent. We are reviewing missed words. They know the rules but still miss some words. I don't want their word cards to pile up, so this week I am having them practice words instead of moving on to the next lessons.
1:20 Shurley English with Caleb and Brent
2:00 Quiet time.
That was minus the yelling and quarreling, you know the drill.

Never a dull moment for this homeschooling, stay-at-home mom of six.

This was my brain today.
The books that I read to my Preparing School kids.
 Books I read to my Beyond School kids.
 This is our Storytime book from Beyond.
 Lance, made himself a little desk area and wanted me to take a picture.

Today, Joshua, started his Bob Jones Literature course. He really liked it. It's now one of his favorite subjects or it's at least tied with history as his favorite.

Later, today I'll go over Writing with Skill with Annette and Josh separately. I thought I'd be able to sit with them at the same time but I think it's better if we don't. They do the assignment on their own. I read and go over their written narration.

I mentioned in a previous post that Preparing Hearts takes more time and effort for Caleb and Brent, if you remember they had some meltdowns last week. Tears and all.

This week (yes, it's only Tuesday) they already fell behind. Brent, didn't do the assigned science reading yesterday or his independent history. Both didn't copy the memory verse. I didn't say anything to them about the missed assignments. Well, guess what? Right now, Brent, handed me today's Independent Science work and said, he completed yesterdays reading. Earlier today both boys handed in their copywork of the memory verse.
At this very moment despite the harried day, I'm sitting in my dark kitchen with a big smile on my face. Thank you Lord!

Why am I sitting in the dark? Because when too much power is being used then there is a short and half my lights turn off. Hee, hee. oh the joys of living in this small, fixer upper, that can't take our modern day electrical energy (or whatever you call it when too much electricity is being used).

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  1. Oh Linda, what a busy day! ((((Hugs))) You are doing a great job and God sees all the work you do!


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