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Day 78

Today, went much smoother. I ate the same breakfast, an egg and cheese sandwich on a round, wheat, thin pita bread. I did add one more egg, so maybe that made the difference.

My schedule didn't change much. Only thing we didn't do was Latin. We started late.

8:30~math with Josh. He had a quiz yesterday and only missed 5 problems. Yay! I went over them and we corrected them together. It was Teaching Textbook Quiz 9.

9:00-10:05~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. Reading About History~I read from Life in the Great Ice Age and Genesis, we discussed the verses.Bible Study~I read our memory verses Psalm 1:1-3 and I asked question via the Guide, Language Arts~I read our poem for this week and we rewrote a stanza. This was harder then last week because we were trying to stay within 8 syllables and keep the rhyming. We didn't quite make the syllables. We tried. History Project~on a piece of paper (was suppose to be white) we painted a rainbow. The rainbow was suppose to be painted with either warm or cool colors, but I didn't have enough paint for one or the other. We had to do a combination. Guess, I better get some more art supplies..

10:15~Soaring with Spelling with Annette. She took a test (missed 2 words that we will carry-over to next week). She also took the pretest for the next lesson and passed, she'll skip it and do the one after. Since it teaches suffixes we both decided it would be wise not to skip it.

10:30-10:38~Lance, read from his All About Reading reader. Title The Gum.

10:40-11:07~Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. Reading About History~I read from the book of Romans. History Activity~Ethan and Lance played a game. One end of the room was King James' court and the other side was in prison. We rolled a dice and depending on the number they had to take steps toward the court, meaning they would worship how King James wanted or take steps toward prison, meaning they would worship their own way. It was fun. The kids enjoyed it. Bible Study~We discussed Romans 12:9-21 and 1 John 4:15-16a.

11:10-11:17~Ethan, read from his Bible reader.

11:25~Rod and Staff Grammar 2 with Ethan, he copied sentences.

11:50-12:00~All About Spelling with Ethan. I had him review from previous lessons.

12:00-12:20~I folded some laundry.

12:20-1:00~I ate lunch and downloaded Timez Attack's Beta version of addition and subtraction.

1:00-1:40~Shurley Grammar and All About Spelling with Caleb and Brent.

1:40-2:00~I watched Brent play the Beta version of add. and sub. then all went down for quiet time.

Annette and Josh, left with Grandpa before lunch. They wanted to go shop at some thrift stores. I know Josh wanted to go to a few pawn shops as well. He's looking for things he can sell. My boy wants to start a business.

Some pages from Annette's science notebook. A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie.
 She was suppose to draw the different beetles but we decided to print some pictures from the Internet instead.
 Annette, had to color a worm.
 She had to research about moles. With me by her side we looked up information online. I have an online encyclopedia but haven't loaded it to the computer yet. I really need to do this, so Annette, can do this on her own.
 Lance, trying his hand at multiplication. He can do some but not much. At least he's trying. This was taken before I downloaded the add. and sub. version. Now he'll be able to use Timez Attack too.

Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. We are reading from Genesis.
 Annette, had to take a picture of mom. I didn't want her to take a picture but she said, "I want memories of you teaching us too", so I let her take a few. Here is one of the not-so-close up.
 Caleb, copying a paragraph from Write and Draw.
His completed work. The first paragraph he copied last week. The second was from today.
 Our rainbows.

 Brent, doing a Teaching Textbook lesson.
Ethan, copying a sentence from the whiteboard during a Rod and Staff Grammar lesson.
 I would read a phrase and a sentence. He would tell me which one was a sentence. I would write it on the board for him to copy.
Ethan's penmanship from New American Cursive.
 Ethan, playing Timez Attack (still haven't downloaded the Beta version of + and -)
 Brent and Lance making dough. They put pizza sauce and pepporonis in it.

 Brent, trying out the add. and sub. Beta version from Timez Attack. We thought the little monster guy was cute.

 Lunch is over. Back to school.
Caleb and Brent, completing a Shurley English lesson.
Picture from Brent's Shurley workbook.
 Almost done with All About Spelling 2.
Lance, trying his hand at Timez Attack's add. and sub.
Cute feet.

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