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Day 79~Good Book~Block Schedule

I got a little side-tracked today. I started a book that Annette, purchased at a thrift store yesterday (she went with her Grandpa). I read some of it last night. A chapter this morning, on my lunch break, and finished it once the children went down for their nap. The book just kind of ended, not really telling what happened to Sarah Bishop, so I did an online search and found this site. What a sad life for Sarah. Hopefully she knew the Lord. The site that I linked shows the cave that she lived in. I imagined it more like the book cover. Smooth cave and pretty. The actual cave looks so dreary.


This post is a bit long. 1st, I wrote all the session by time with the children, 2nd. I posted pictures from today and 3rd. I wrote our block schedule. Thought I'd mention it, just in case you'd rather scroll to what interest you. If you have time get comfy and enjoy!

My lessons for today:
8:00~Latin with the Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. We started a new chapter, practiced previous words and snuggled under our blankets. It's cold.
8:30~Teaching Textbook 6 with Josh. He is doing so much better. The mistakes he makes now make sense. Not like before where you couldn't figure out how he even came up with the answer. We corrected the mistakes, which were mainly that he didn't reduce the fraction. His multiplication and division problems are improving as well.
8:50~Math-U-See Epsilon with Annette. Last night when I corrected her math she missed quite a few. More than she normally does. She is dividing fractions. She is on lesson 11. I thinks he understands now.
9:15~Math-U-See with Caleb. He too missed more than he unusually does. After walking him through a few problems he said he understood.
9:35-10:30~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. We completed Reading About History, Storytime, Bible Study, Geography and skipped the History Project.
10:30-10:40~I organizes some of my school stuff and just took a little break. Snatched a few minutes of reading.
10:45-10:00~Helped Josh with Writing with Skill.
10:00-10:25~All About Reading with Lance. I went over letters sounds, reviewed from his word cards, had him spell a few words and completed an activity page.
10:30-11:50~Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. Completed, Reading About History, Science Exploration and Bible Study.
11:55-12:15~I read more of my book Sarah Bishop.
12:15-1:00~Ate lunch and read.
1:00~All About Spelling with Ethan.

By 1:30 I was reading my book again. I should have did math with Lance and All About Spelling lesson with Caleb and Brent.

Lance, sounding out a word. Must have been a word with the short 'a' sound by the looks of his mouth.
 Some of the words he is reading. I made my own cards because I forgot to order them when I put my preorder in. Instead of making another order and having to pay shipping, I just made my own.
 Building a word.
 Saying the alphabet in order.
 Reading phrases from his activity page.
 Reading from Beyond School.

Along with Beyond Hearts for His Glory, Ethan also does New American Cursive (3xweek), Teaching Textbook Math (5xweek), Timez Attack for add. sub. and mult. drill, two pages of Explode the Code (4xweek), All About Spelling (2/3xweek), Rod and Staff English (2/3xweek) and reads from his Bible Reader~using books from Heart of Dakota.

Lance, also does All About Reading, New American Cursive, Timez Attack for drilling add. and sub., and Math for a Living Education from Queen Homeschool Supplies.

It looks like a lot but I found a schedule that works. As long as we start at 8:00 a.m. I made myself a sort of Block Schedule.

From 8:00-12:00:
  1. Latin with four older children
  2. Math with Josh
  3. Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. Do as much as I can within an hour.
  4. All About Spelling with Lance
  5. Beyond School with Ethan and Lance
  6. Have Ethan read to me
  7. Math with Lance
At noon to one o'clock is lunch.

From 1:00-2:00:
  1. Rotate All About Spelling. One session with Caleb and Brent, another session with Ethan. I rotate Mon~Caleb and Brent, Tue.~Ethan, Wed.~C&B, Thur.~E, Fri.~C&B.  Then next Mon. start with Ethan and so forth.
  2. Either Shurley English or Rod and Staff English, depending upon the rotation cycle that I mentioned above.
As long as I don't become distracted with a book or the Internet I do okay. Oh, can't forget a good breakfast and a good nights sleep as well.

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