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Day 83

The weather is so very nice today. It's a bit chilly but the sun is out. I let the children play outside for an hour today. It gave me time to do some laundry and such. I was tempted to hop online but I backed away and stuck to cleaning. I enjoy doing chores on days like this.

My sessions;
8:15~Latin with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent
8:45-9:15~Math with Josh. Dividing fractions
9:15-9:20~Literature with Josh
9:30-10:20~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. Completed history~Storytime~Research~Poetry~History Activity.
10-25-10:47~All About Spelling with Ethan. I also gave him a spelling test with the Beyond spelling list. He missed three words, I'll have him practice them through the day. He also completed a Rod and Staff English lesson.
10:50-11:30~Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. Completed History~Geography. We still need to do Bible and Storytime.
11:30~ I put some corn dogs in the oven and emptied the dishwasher.
12:-1:00~we all ate lunch, except for Josh, he went with his Auntie to find some bargains for their yard-sale.
The children went outside to play around 1:40 p.m. they were having so much fun riding their bikes, playing dodge-ball and making a shelter that I didn't have the heart to call Caleb and Brent in for Shurley English and All About Spelling. I let them stay and play. I took the opportunity to get some laundry done and tidy up my bedroom.
Today my Preparing Boys scrunched a piece of paper, later they will do some cave-art.

 The top words in Ethan's notebooks are the words he missed from his Beyond Spelling List (which, sick and little). The words below are from All About Spelling.

 Lance, being silly.
 Brent, making a shelter.
 Brent is dressed but put on his PJ shirt when he was riding his bike. At the time it was not buttoned and he wanted to it to flap in the breeze. I guess he saw that in a movie ;)

 Caleb, throwing the ball to Annette and Ethan is running.

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