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Day 84

School does not end for me at 2:00 p.m. At night I correct and sometimes read and do a lesson as well. Below was my homework from last night.
 Ethan, is learning cursive.
 Lance, sometimes has night school.
 Writing his numbers.
 Counting by tens.
 Picture of Brent's copywork. I told him he needs to do better. I can tell it was a rushed job. The picture is suppose to show the soil and permafrost below.
 Lance, flipping some 'eggs' from All About Reading. On the back are words that start or end with the 'th' sound.
 Shurley English sentences.
 Outfits for Lance to wear this week, including undies.

A quick look at what I did today;
Writing with Skill~Annette, we went over a summary. She had to summarize a longer passage that was three pages long. This is hard for Annette, because she like to add details. She did well with pulling the main idea and leaving out all the details but her summary did need some improvement. There were a few sentences that didn't make sense to me the reader. She also didn't capitalize the beginning of her sentences. She knows that she should capitalize, so I think she is just being lazy. I went over her paragraph and she has to rewrite it.
Preparing School~Caleb and Brent, they completed poetry, this was fun. We had to rewrite one of Robert Louis Stevenson poems "Rain". We retitled it "Snow". What makes rewording or rewriting them is in his poems the things he describes are usually birds, meadows, lots of nature. When we look out our window we see houses, telephone polls, trash cans etc. So the poems come out pretty funny. I don't have the kid's binders at the moment but maybe later I'll blog one of the rewritten poems.
My Preparing Boys also completed, History~History Project~Storytime~Vocabulary~Bible Study.

All About Reading with Lance. The 'th' sound was introduced and like with the rest of my children, it's very hard to make that sound. He tried though.

With my Beyond Boys I only completed Bible Study and History. Things were a little chaotic here today.

Shurley English~Caleb and Brent
All About Spelling 2~Caleb and Brent
All About Spelling and Beyond Spelling List~Ethan.

The children also completed their independent work as well.

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