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Day 85

I hope me posting what I'm doing from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. is not boring for you all. I do this to hopefully encourage some of you. I know homeschooling is hard, time consuming, takes discipline and effort. It's not easy preparing, teaching, feeding, correcting behaviors etc. So, I take the time to jot down times and what I do to say "We can do this". I am not super~homeschooling mama of 6 with lots of patience. I am not naturally organized. My house is not perfect. My children are not perfect. I am very far from being the wife and mother that I would like to be. I'm a homeschooling mama trying to do the best I can each and every day. I fail daily. I have to apologize to my children at times, so please know I'm posting these schedules to encourage and not discourage.

And now the schedule ;) sorry no pictures until later. My camera is giving me a message (connecting to PC.....) Edited 1/21/12 to add the pictures.

Today, I started a little early. While Caleb was eating his Kix I went over his math from yesterday.
7:45-8:15~Math with Caleb
8:15-:30~Latin with Josh, Caleb, Annette and Brent. We practiced from chapter 8 and went over some grammar.
8:30-8:40~Math with Annette. She is having trouble with her fractions.
9:00-10:00~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. Completed Reading about History~Storytime~Bible Study~Geography and told the boys to draw their Woolly Mammoth to their cave painting. The cave painting they will do on their own.
10:00-10:10~Helped Annette research squirrels online for science (A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie)
10:10-10:30~All About Reading with Lance. Continued to practice the 'th' sound and read words starting with th.
10:30-11:00~All About Spelling with Ethan. This session took a bit longer than usual. I didn't realize 30 minutes had passed. I had Ethan, spell words with the 'ng' and 'nk' words orally and on paper. We started a new lesson.
11:00-11:10~Rod and Staff English with Ethan. We did this orally.
11:15-11:50~Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. We did Bible~Storytime~History. I still need to do science (Grandpa Joe came to visit, so I had to cut our hour of Beyond time short).
Lunch. My dad took Annette, Ethan and Lance to Jack-in-the Box and brought us back burgers and tacos.
1:00-1:40~All About Spelling and Shurley English with Caleb and Brent.
1:40-2:00~Grandpa played catch with the children. Josh came home from his outing with his Auntie.
2:00-4:00~Quiet time. Mom blogs :)

{Adding these a day late because of some technical difficulties}
Here is my fully dressed (just wearing a robe because it's cold) and ready to go Caleb. Since he was so
 wide-awake I started teaching his math before school started (7:45).

 Brent, copying a narration from the whiteboard.

 Lance, in pain (so he says) because of an owie that Ethan, gave him.

 I took the band aid off yesterday.
 Playing the add. and sub. Beta version from Timez Attack.
 Caleb, not too happy about me taking a picture of him. He was actually coming out after putting some laundry in the washer or dryer, can't remember which. This is why I like to post and blog the day I take the pictures.
 Ethan's All About Spelling words.
 A little tent village.
 Having fun with Grandpa.
 "We are savoring the taste because we only get these once a year" said Brent. Auntie V. bought the kids a treat. I buy the kids Goldfish crackers about one a year if that. I just don't like paying for them.
 Ethan's Explode the Code 3.
 Caleb working on Math-U-See.

With regards to math here is a run-down of who is using what;
Josh~using Teaching Textbooks and Systematic Math.
Annette~Math-U-See Epsilon (fractions)
Caleb~Math-U-See Epsilon
Brent~Teaching Textbooks
Ethan~Teaching Textbooks
Lance~Math for a Living Education from Queen Homeschool Supplies.

Most days I sit with Josh right after Latin for 20 minutes going over what he missed the day before.

With Annette and Caleb who are using MUS, I only sit with them when I see they are having trouble understanding. If they miss two problems I let them move on. If they continue to miss the same kind of problems, I then fit them in my schedule during school hours or at night.

Brent and Ethan who are both using Teaching Textbooks, they do this on their own. I check later in the day to see what they missed and go over it in their workbook later. It's not always during school hours.

Lance, I try to fit him in during school hours between 8-2 but if not I will try in the evening. He usually does math three times a week with me and will practice his sub. add. and mult. via Timez Attack.


  1. Linda, bless your heart! You work so hard! You are a great mom and those children are blessed to have you sacrifice so much of yourself for their well being and future...

    It was very encouraging to read a day in your life...I think I need to stop complaining about only homeschooling two. :( And next year it will only be one...wahhhhh, I need more kids! ;)

  2. oops, I meant after next year it will only be one. I'm already mourning the loss of not homeschooling Adam, but thank the Lord, I still have one more year with him. I need to keep my mind on that right now! :) Cherish every moment with Josh...before you know it, you'll blink and he wil be done...:(

  3. Oh, yes it is very encouraging! You have so much that you give to your children and it inspires me to read.

    Thank you for sharing the pieces of your heart in your homeschooling days.


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