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Day 87

This week because I need to concentrate on grammar with Josh and he is doing much better with his fraction, he'll use Systematic Math with the dvds. This will free me up during our session after Latin, to sit with him and go-over Analytical Grammar. I need to sit with him and ask the grammar questions that will help him identify what part of speech. Thankfully I have been brushing up using Shurley ;)

8:00-8:30~Latin, with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. We reviewed chapters 7 and 8, completed a workbook page and I had them make flashcards of about four words. I hope to do this daily so they can use them to practice on their own.
8:30-9:15~Analytical Grammar with Josh. We corrected his work-page. I read each sentence. If he missed something than I would ask a question  "of what?"~"the house", so house is the object of the preposition. We didn't finish the whole page, so we'll continue tomorrow. I did have him watch the dvd again.
9:15-10:15~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent, they completed Reading About History~Storytime~History Project~Research~Bible Study. We didn't get to poetry.
10:20-10:35~Math with Lance
10:30-10:45~Soaring with Spelling with Annette.
10:45-11:05~Math with Josh. He wanted to see how he was doing. I'm happy to report that he did well. Missed a few or forgot to reduce but over-all he did very well.
11:06-11:30~Beyond School with Ethan only. Lance had a tantrum because he wanted to continue to play with Legos.
11:30-11:50~Beyond Spelling List with Ethan. He did great, missed three words that will be practiced throughout the week.
11:50-12:05~I ate a quick lunch, the rest of the lunch hour I folded laundry and read a chapter from my book.
1:10-1:50~All About Spelling and Shurley English. In English I introduced 'direct object'.

Brent and Caleb, making a map of where the ark landed and the surrounding lakes and rivers, using A Child's History of the World by Virgil M. Hiller.
 Joshua's math page from today.
 I love anything from Mr. Quaker, especially with little heart shape cereal. Nothing to do with school, just thought I'd share =)

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