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Day 88/Chatting

The bulk of our homeschooling (academic wise) happens between 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. but every-now-and then the children do school in the evening too.

Storms are passing through, so I thought candles would be nice just in case the lights go out.
I thought Annette, looked so pretty next to the candles.

Around 4:00p.m. Josh, asked if I could do spelling with him. Normally he uses the dvds that go with Sequential Spelling but he still prefers mom (I'm happy).
 Here is what my 'desk' looked like this morning (kitchen table).
 Lance, found a stray Santa hat. Pretty creative if you ask me.
 Brent, reading aloud the Bible during our  Preparing School time. Both Brent and Caleb's reading is improving since we started Preparing. I know it's because of the required reading.
 Caleb, listening to Brent read the Bible passage. They had to share a Bible between them because one was lost (its been found). When we were using My Father's World Adventures (four years ago) I purchased four of the same Bible, so the children could follow along. Now we are using them with Heart of Dakota.

This year I have three students concentrating on fractions. This mama is becoming the fraction queen! Both Annette and Caleb are using Math-U-See Epsilon (the fraction book) and Josh using Systematic Math level 6/1 which also focuses on fractions.

Caleb, seems to be grasping fractions quickly. He started Epsilon I think, in December and is almost half way through the book. Tomorrow he'll start 13D. He pretty much watches the dvd and will do lesson A. If he does well then I let him skip B and C. The A, B, C pages focus on the new concept. When I let him skip to D, he is reviewing the new concept as well as problems from the previous lessons. If he misses less then 3 problems on the D page, then he takes the test. If he passes the test he moves to the next lesson. Some weeks he has completed two lessons which can be two weeks worth for some.
The most challenging part of Math-U-See Epsilon are the word problems.

With Annette, she has gotten stuck a few times, so for her its taken longer. She is on lesson 14 and started in September. With Annette, she'll do most of the pages and at times I'll sit with her to help her figure it out. She is very competitive, so I was wondering how she would feel if her younger brother caught up to her (which will happen soon).
Tonight she noticed and was pretty positive about the whole thing. I don't think she likes it but she understands that she can't be the best in every subject. She did acknowledge that she does well in Latin and reading. I'm thankful to God that she doesn't say it in a haughty-taughty way. She doesn't go around boasting about her academic strengths.
We also chatted about it too. She sees that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. She is a sweet girl.

I also wanted to blog about Shurley English. I'm really loving this program. Like I mentioned in previous post, it's not the funnest program. I don't dread teaching it but I don't mind missing a day either.
I do like how much my boys are retaining. A few cons are, some lessons are long. When I say long, I mean they give so much information about the new concept that my boys are confused. What I do now when new information is introduced with lots of information (glazed eye look) is I'll read it to the boys but go back and explain it again my own way using the sentences as examples. I also take two days on those lessons. But, like I said, my boys are doing well with Shurley.
Another con for me, Homeschooling6 mom is the noun check and patterns. Yesterday Pattern 2 was introduced and at first I was a bit confused (I'm not a grammar person though). I reread it and 'get' it now.

Lastly, Ethan and Lance as well as mom are enjoying Beyond Little Hearts. The boys (as well as big sister) love our history time of learning about the pilgrims. Today I read over an hour from our missionary book on Gladys Aylward. I really need to finish it because I am suppose to have started a 'historical fiction' book as of yesterday. I chose Skippack School by Marguerite de Angeli. I really wanted to read The Cabin Faced West but I couldn't find it in storage.
I would like to blog more about how we are doing with Beyond School but it's late. I must retire now, so I'll be ready for school tomorrow. Today, I was a bit tired and didn't get as much done as I would have liked too.


  1. Tell Annette that those same fraction concepts are introduced every year after the 5th grade and will be reviewed every year until Algebra 2, practically. It is expected that most children forget a little during their summer vacations.

    It's always good for us to recognize that we each have individual strengths given to us by our very creative God! :) :) :)

    Linda, you are having a great homeschooling year!!! :) All of the kids are doing so well!!! :)

  2. Dee, thank you for your kind and ecouraging words.


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