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Day 89

Thunder woke my hubby up early today. I love a good winter thunder storm. The kids and I were talking about it and realize that many people don't care for these beautiful rainy days because they have to leave their comfortable house. We are thankful to be able to enjoy a nice down-pour in the comfort of our home. Thank you Jesus.

My desk this morning.
 My morning Iced Mocha. Yum. I had a hot cup of Java earlier. I was in the mood for a cold one. Then of course I thought it looked so pretty with the swirls and all.

8:00-8:30~Latin with Josh, Caleb, Brent and Annette. We continued to practice our words. I orally quizzed them. We should have completed another page, but were to cozy in the living room. Normally I don't allow cozy-school because we don't get it done.

8:40-9:20~Josh and I went over his Analytical Grammar, Systematic Math and Writing with Skill. We are still correcting Unit 4 Exercise 3. It's taking a while to get through that one page because #1, time but also I am teaching him to ask the questions to figure out the part of speech. Today, we corrected the diagramming. Again, I want to take it slow, so it'll all sink in. Tomorrow we should be done with Ex. 3.

9:25-9:45~Analytical Grammar Review book with Annette.

9:45-9:55~All About Reading with Lance. We went over a few sounds and he read from his reader.

10:00-10:40~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. We had lots of fun looking at the map and globe. We located the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, the Persian Gulf and identified the modern countries that surround the Persian Gulf on the globe. We completed Reading about History~Geography~Storytime~History Project.

10:40-11:00~I helped Annette write a paper for AWANA. Because she had this writing assignment due tonight I let her skip Writing with Skill today.

11:00-11:40~I read our missionary book about Gladys Aylward. I read the last three chapters. Of course I got all emotional (like yesterday) but I think it's good for the children to see mom touched by the story. I didn't do any Beyond School, because I wanted to finish the book.

11:40-12:00~Rod and Staff Grammar with Ethan. We reviewed previous lessons. He copied a short paragraph from the whiteboard. He had to find where the sentences ended and began by capitalizing the beginning of a sentence and putting an end mark (. or ?).

12:00-1:00~lunch time. I ate a sandwich, cleaned the kitchen and opened an Amazon package.

1:05-1:55~All About Spelling lesson 21 and Shurley English 13.3 with Caleb and Brent.

It was a productive day. Everyone kept busy with school, except Ethan and Lance they don't have as much school as the four older ones. They did have fun playing in the puddles outside.

Lance, working on his multiplication using Timez Attack. He hasn't come across this in his math yet but with Ethan's encouragement a month ago, started Timez Attack. This was before the Beta Version of addition and subtraction. He doesn't really understand what multiplication is (at least I don't think he does) but is learning his 2s.
 Learning how to draw. Yesterday Lupe, took the children to the library and Lance, picked up a dvd that teaches him how to draw.
His completed 'plade' (blade).
Preparing School
 You can't see where the children drew the rivers and such with the pointy end of a tack. We might paint them, so they can be seen or at least outline what is water.

Joshua this morning, going over his Analytical Grammar.
Shurley Grammar.
 I use the same board for all subjects including All About Spelling.
This is what came today in my Amazon box.
 I purchased it to hold our Preparing Guide.
Usually our guide is all over the place. I thought this might help it to stay in one place and make it easier for the boys to see what they need to complete. It wasn't my idea. I read about this on the Heart of Dakota forum.


  1. Oh, you have to write a post on how you make that lovely iced mocha coffee! It looks so good! Loving your school posts, keep up the good work!

  2. Love the salt dough map, so cool! You are so creative! I wish I had some of that creativity...I can't draw, craft, or sew, for the life of me.

  3. Dee, that was an HOD craft. I too have no creativity, can't draw, craft or sew me-self ;) LOL.


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