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Day 90

My it's cold today. My fingers, nose and ears have been cold to the touch all day. I did half our schooling on the living room floor close to the portable heater.
Yes, most of us stayed in our pjs. So much more comfortable on these cold days.

Here I'm going over a Math-U-See lesson with Caleb.
Caleb, is dressed but wears his robe to keep him warm.

Today was a little different then most. For one I was cold but Joshua, came down with a sore throat and a headache. He has been sleeping most of the day.

8:00-9:00~I was tending to Josh, getting some of the kids started and chatted on the phone with my SIL.
9:15-10:38~Preparing School with Caleb and Brent. Because I  kept forgetting to do a dictation passage with the boys, I decided to start with that. I then read from our history reader and the boys did a written narration. We do this together. I know eventually they will need to do this on their but for now I write it on the whiteboard and they copy it. Brent had a bit of a meltdown because he had to copy the narration. I left him alone and just continued on. I thought I'd deal with it late. Once Caleb finished copying the narration we added to our timeline. I skipped Storytime today.
10:40-11:00~I checked on Joshua and my dad came by as well to chat.
11:-11:30~Beyond School with Ethan and Lance. I started our new Storytime book 'The Skippack School' by Marguerite de Angeli, I read from Stories of the Piligrims for history, God's Wonderful Works for Science. We read about webbed feet birds and amphibians. I didn't get to Bible Study or Poetry. Maybe later.

11:30-11:40~Beyond Spelling list with Ethan. I had him copy and read the words.
This pear was so juicy and sweet.
1:00-1:50~All About Spelling and Shurley English.
These two pictures below were actually taken yesterday.

 I thought I'd make a Helping Verb machine to help with memorizing. The boys had fun checking to see which ones mom forgot.
Can you see Annette's pile of school books? This is her favorite place to do school.
 We were talking, so I took a picture of my cute girl.
 Reading her library book.
 I love how Lance's toes are spread out and rounded at the top.
 Lance, checked out a dvd drawing program from the library, called Angel Wars.
 I think this is the character Swift a gaurdian.
 A sword.
Caleb, playing Math-Whizz with Lance watching. Caleb is King of the Castle in two games. He competes with other Math-Whizz users.

 Joshua's Sequential Spelling list from yesterday.

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  1. Aw, I love the pic of Lance's foot. :)

    I love that helping verb machine! And you look all toasty warm in front of that heater...;)


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