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Day 92

This is how my kitchen table desk looked yesterday as I was getting my lesson planner ready for today.
 I started our school day with Latin ( nothing new there). After Latin I sat with Josh for almost an hour. We went over his schedule. I was starting to slack with keeping up with his school work. I made a few changes to his Bob Jones history and science. Once a week he is to outline and write a summary in those subjects. His Bible Study book I want one written narration. Instead of answering the thought provoking questions (because they are pretty intense questions) he will outline, summarise and write a narration. We'll see how that goes.

With Annette's history, I am going to have her write one narration as well. She asked how long could it be, in other words, can I write details! I told her it can be as detailed as she likes it to be, so I'm curious to see how that goes. Like with Josh, when she writes a written narration, she won't have to do the other work.
Below, Annette, is researching and comparing bats.

 I bought Explode the Code 1 for Lance to keep him busy. He was excited about the book.
 Later, he did a few more pages.

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  1. Cute pictures :) I just made myself a new planner, but haven't had time to sit down and fill out a whole week at once yet!


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