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A Few Meltdowns

This is a post that I posted on the Heart of Dakota Boards (I also added to it). I wanted to post it here as well, so you all can see that here at Homeschooling6  it not all peaches~and~cream.

I had two melt downs this week. One with Brent and Caleb. Brent admitted that it was his 'new' workload. I've never had my kids cry over school. It started because they both wanted to do science together (which is great!) but one wanted to snuggle on the couch and the other wanted to sit at the table. Brent who wanted to sit at the table because he likes the flat surface. He had the One Small Square book first and was getting his paper ready, when Caleb snatched it up and said, Brent wasn't using it, so he was going to take it to the couch and start. I ended up intervening and told Caleb to give it back to Brent. Caleb, wanted to cry (I could see him holding tears back) because he likes doing the independent assignment that takes longer, on Friday it was science that looked like it would take longer with the questions and reading. That was the first meltdown.

Later Brent, just started crying. Not full out whaling or anything but quiet tears. When I talked to him later he mentioned it was just a lot of school.

I am not looking at the meltdowns in a negative way because I know they need Preparing. It's not that it's more work but it takes more time and they would rather play with legos or sleep.

I see it as a good time for them to discipline themselves. Doing something, even when they don't feel like it.

Just because we had a few meltdowns doesn't mean we all didn't enjoy our first week with preparing. They LOVE Grandfather's Box, we enjoy sitting together going over the Bible verses and I like that my boys are reading more. Preparing is 'stretching' them~it's getting them out of their comfort zone.

The first half of the year they were using Shurley English, MCP Plaid Phonics, Writing with Ease, Simply Spelling (studied dictation), All About Spelling, WP Hideaway in History, A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie, and Copywork for Boys, and although I do think these programs are all great, I feel like it wasn't stretching their mind the way Preparing did this week. Science wasn't getting done at all. (we are continuing with AAS and Shurley English)
Another thing with Preparing, is it's all schedules in a Guide and there are discussion questions which help me to flesh out what we are reading. Before I would do only what was required (the lesson) and move to the next lesson, without really discussing things. HOD Preparing, has me stepping out of my comfort zone as well. It's forcing me to not only read a book but flesh it out, talk about it. I really miss that.
With my two older children I used Sonlight which has things scheduled as well and I had many good talks with them about the books we were reading. I really contribute some of their character traits today, with all the book reading and discussing I did with them in the past.
As you can see, it wasn't that the programs weren't working, but me needing accountability to get back with talking and discussing our books and the Bible. This is why I like scripted programs. Heart of Dakota Guides gives me that. It tells me what to read, when and questions to start our discussions.
I just wanted to share and mention that I see my boys meltdowns as a good thing, if that makes sense ;)

P.S. Annette, continues to use A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie. She enjoys the storyline that goes with introducing the next animal, bug or flower. 


  1. It makes much sense. Sometimes giving a child something more to challenge him is exactly what they need to know that they CAN. Then it becomes a matter of will to step out of the comfort zone to prove it.

    While we really enjoy Aunt Bessie and it's just right for my first grader. My third grader needed a little more so I did add another day of sciece for her with some living books and it gives the extra challenge she needs.

    Smooth days are great, but meltdowns always let me know there is a challenge they are learning to get through. And it feels great when they figure it out and move on.

  2. Yes, we enjoy Aunt Bessie's nature walks as well. With my boys it was me not getting to it. I did the first few chapters then it kinda fell to the 'we'll do it tomorrow' which never came :( Annette, is continuing with it and really enjoys it.


  3. Awesome post, Linda!!!! It really spoke to me. This is how I feel about IEW...it's stretches us, but in a good way. This post is an answer to prayer for me to stick it out. Thank you so much!

    I'm going to check out that Aunt Bessie for Josh, I think he will like it.

    Blessings to you!!!


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