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We are having a half day today. The children will do math, All About Spelling and I'll read to them from our Heart of Dakota program but that's it. I plan to get some cleaning done. Nothing major, just tidy things up.

I have been wanting to blog about a few things, one of them being how Josh, is doing better in math. He still is not up to 'grade' level but I know things will turn out all right. I just need to rest in my Father's arms and give it to him {although this is sometimes hard}.

He is using a combination of Systematic Math level 6 and Teaching Textbook 6 (workbook only, no cds). At the beginning of the year he was still missing a lot of long division and long multiplication and fractions he was not understanding at all.

Last year toward the end of the year I pulled out TT6 and had him start that (I was at my wits end). He worked through the summer. He was just missing too many problems but I had him continue through the summer. When school started I purchased Systematic Math hoping it would help him understand fractions. He did well some days but others he would miss half the page.

I had him continue on with Systematic Math though. By the 23rd lesson he was really struggling, so after CHRISTmas break I had him go back to Teaching Textbook 6. He was still missing at least 1/4 of the problems. The answers he would come up with didn't make sense. There was no rhymn or reason with how he came up with that answer. He was doing this with Systematic Math too.

I started sitting with him. In fact I went back to his Systematic Math dvds to see how fractions were being taught so I could show him when we went over his math. I watched about four lessons, I also watched some of the Epsilon DVDS from Math-U-See because I needed to help Annette, with fractions and again, wanted to see how Mr. Demme was teaching it.

So, now I'm ready. I also worked out many fractions problems using both Systematic Math and Math-U-See Epsilon to make sure I knew what I was doing ;)

Okay, so now I'm really ready. The past two weeks I have sat down with Josh every day to go over any missed problems. He is improving greatly. He is still missing problems but some of them are because he is not reducing the fraction, so he has it correct but needs to reduce. He usually misses problems that are newly intorduced. He has to do the problems over and over and over, for it to click. When he misses all the newly introduced problems I am no longer freaking out like I use to because I know by the end of the chapter he'll get it.

His long division and multiplication has improved by leaps and bounds. He doesn't miss every.single.one anymore. When he does make a mistake I can now tell that he understands but somewhere he became confused, but the mistakes make sense. I can see where it is. Before I couldn't. He had numbers everywhere that many times he couldn't explain why they were there.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for all of this. It's been a real struggle and we are not out of the water yet but I know in the end, we are going to be okay.

I'm going to have him continue using Teaching Textbook and Systematic Math. I like how Systematic Math gives understanding and Teaching Textbook gives him more review to apply what he has learned with Systematic Math.

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