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Math Rider

Brent, has been faithfully playing MathRider every day. He wanted to finish the addition quest. He's gotten close in the past but never made the 99% to receive the 'scroll' that would help find the princess and free her.

Two days ago he was so excited to have made it. He not only freed the princess but was given a castle.
 I think this is where only a 'master of mathematics' can enter.

 He only has so much time to reach the princes (I believe this is where he had to do 30 problems in so many seconds, can't remember though)
 Unlocking the bars to free the princess.
 Look at that happy face.
 The princess is reunited with her parents.
Now he is on a new quest, to master subtraction.

Brent, knows his addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Math Rider and Timez Attack help him with responding quickly for the answer.

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