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I splurged with purchasing this.
It was on clearance at Target for $4.94 regulary$8.00 for an 11oz bag . I have been wanting to try Dunkin Donuts coffee for a year now. I am enjoying my morning cup of Pumpkin Spice. I'm going to see if there are any left on the clearance shelf.

I went from purchasing $12.00+ Coffee Bean 11oz bag, to high end grocery store coffee  $8.00 11oz bag to Maxwell  House or Folgers or the grocery store 1lb 13oz containers, such is life :)

As my cousin would say, "It's all good".

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  1. Very funny. I've done the same around here in the past. I've never tried the Dunkin Donuts coffee though. I've settled on Godiva coffee and buy it when it's on sale at our Vons markets for about $6.00 a bag. Being the only one that drinks coffee around here it does last a while for me : D


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